Makes me wonder #1 of 200

Guinea Pig says:
“This is probably more a reminder than something new-new. What is new, is probably how pervasive basic motivations rule our behaviours (and not just the “big” stuff).

One of the most salient human need is the need for recognition – to know that people recognise our existence.
I couldn’t help but notice how this is manifested even in our on-road behaviours (and how it is really the root to some of the road rage incidents).

One of the most commonly congested roads is the Damansara Toll – which reduces from the 7-lane toll booth to 2 miserable lanes barely 500m on.
Naturally, this becomes a hotspot for some crazy lane changes. And I couldn’t help notice the extent to which people would tailgate the car in front if all you did was merely to attempt to “snake” your way in, and try to inch the other person out (i.e. you tried to ignore his/her presence and right of way).

But this very SAME person is likely to open a way for you to switch lanes if all you did was (1) use your turn indicator and (2) wave your hand to “excuse” yourself. In doing so, you will almost be guaranteed the “permission” to come into his/her lane because you have recognised his/her very existence.

So whether it’s a relationship with a family member, life partner, spouse, family pet, children, employee or even customer, it’ll be interesting to see what a lil recognition will do.”
Fuah.. super bombastic kan? I know…. I had to read 3 times to understand it entirely.

Okay….. My turn.

Now mine is super stupid comparing to what Guinea Pig has found today.  Oh well…. here goes nothing!

Found this while I was browsing some old articles on PSFK for interesting marketing/business ideas and this caught my eye. When I saw this clip….. immediately I jumped up and said ‘I WANT  TO BUY THIS!!!!’

Yea.. I know.. its so stupid. But me likey!!!!    😛

Okay lets hope tomorrow I’ll find something more mature… sigh.


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