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Bizarre cough remedies – Make Me Wonder #20 0f 200

Cough Cough Cough I can’t get a sentence out these 2 days without coughing. That is how bad this cough is now!!! Been sick since last week, last Wed to be exact (how can I forget  L), and I lost … Continue reading

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Tattle Nails – Make me wonder #19 of 200

I have Tattle Nails You can so tell whether I am happy or not by just looking at my nails & fingers. I tend to peel my nails really short, and even the dried skin/cuticles around my fingers, usually the … Continue reading

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From the bottom of my heart

This is one of the very rare posts where I feel I can just ramble on and on, typing furiously line after line…. and this could only mean one thing, I am writing these from the very bottom of my … Continue reading

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