The return of Care Bears


It’s time to revive this old blog. It’s also time for me to keep a closer tab on initiatives I’ve started and make a point to finish them.

And its a perfect first come back post.

Who else here remembers watching the cartoon Care Bear as a kid? Well I do. Vaguely though. Remember being mesmerized by the colourful cuddly looking teddy bears with cutesy icons on their belly. And oh – the Care Bear Stare!

The reason why the Care Bear resurfaced in my life again is because of AppleTV (Yes i’ll blog about that next…). Have watched the Care Bears movie recently, and this time, watching it as an adult have a very different impact than it did when I was a lil girl. This time – I was snickering a lot and the cheesy sounding lines they have. The boy beside me wasn’t much help. He was even commenting that the writer has to be high to come up with lines like that.

For those of you who barely remember the Care Bears, let me refresh your memory. They are these cutesy little bears -I think about 20 of them maybe, and they are of different colours. Their mission is to encourage little children to share and express their feelings, to spread love, care and joy. They live in a colourful candy land called Care-A-Lot. They combat evil spirits with their Care Bear STARE – which are essentially a big powerful rainbow…. hope that jogged your memory a lil?

I remember feeling a lil upset after the movie. It was amusingly painful to sit through but most of all, I have this very disturbing question in my mind. What has become of the lil girl glued to the TV screen believing every essence of this cartoon – that the right way to live is to share and express love, care and joy. Today – I’ve been taught to be conscious of the things I say, of the information I share, of the people I share it with, and most of all – we no longer live in Care A Lot. This place we live in is full of distrust and evil beings that is out to hurt and take advantage of us. (beware we may just be one of them already unknowingly!)

I was in KLIA just last week and an uncle approached me asking if he can use my handphone to call his wife, he left his at home. I panic and just shook my head, pretended not to understand him… and ran away. RAN away. I’ve heard too many stories about good samaritans being victims of these con mans. I’m not eager to be part of the statistics. Another incident that exact same day – At the airport in Manila, a lady beside me was sobbing away. I pondered if I should do anything – and instead of offering help, I tweeted and posted a status update asking if I should help her! There are a few more incidences in the past year that could have been an opportunity for me to practice the Care Bear values, but instead, I chose to practice ‘common sense’ instead. I no longer take public transports and I no longer look forward to meet and speak to strangers. The environment has molded us into becoming too wary of our surrounding, even with our friends and family. There are ‘evil’ lurking and taunting us at every corner – and that is not an exaggeration.

What has become of the world we live in today? What has become of me? All the values I’ve learned as the lil girl, obeying the advice of the Care Bears – all those have gone down the drain? What about love? What about care? Today, it is just me, myself and I?

And even that – even doing the me myself and I, we are not doing a very good job either. Again, the environment today discourages us from sharing information too free, sharing feelings with the wrong people, or simply just coming across as too whiny and needy. To show a lil too much love = being mushy and cheesy. To show a lil too much care – being nosy or preachy. To show a lil too much joy = being pretentious and putting on a mask.

I’ve also recently had a short discussion with a cousin of mine, about possibilities of having a job that you love. Most people are saying that a job is just a job. Not many are ‘Lucky’ enough to find a job they love. Whatever pays the bills….pays the bills. What would a Care Bear say? This is not even about

expressing love and care for others – this is about loving ourselves. We can’t even love and care ourselves enough to ensure that we live each day know we’ve done the best and what our body mind and soul deserves? Therefore – sadly, it is bad enough that we’ve turned to cynical that we can’t freely express the Care Bear values towards others – now, even with ourselves… we are not doing a good job.

So seriously – what has become of the world we live in today? Or is it just my world?

I know this cannot be addressed in just 1 blog post. But the seed has been planted. I just hope that it wont be too late by the time the answer reveals itself….

And to brave through the days without these answers – I am ever Thankful that I’ve found salvation, I’ve found my source of comfort and peace. On days like this with a multi-level question hanging on my mind, how apt that it’s now Easter, and we all know what that means. Our chains are gone…. we’ve been set free. So while the world has turned into what it is today – we’ll just have to have a lil faith that we’ll be saved from that dark mess, and hopefully, just maybe… all our love ones too.

Happy Easter and God Bless.


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