Evil Plans – Hatch one now! Make Me Wonder #32 of 200

A man published a book sometime Feb this year. His name is Hugh Macloed and he named it – Evil Plans. He has a blog/blogshop – http://gapingvoid.com. Check it out but it is nothing wow. But let’s talk bout the book.

The Guinea Pig picked out Evil Plans from a friends bookshelf and told me to give it a go when he was done with it. Would do me good. I was pretty skeptical…. well the stuff he reads… lets just say they are no walk in the park.

So I flipped it through and thought I see some potential of me reading it – relatively big fonts, short chapters, some illustrations and random comic bites in between, OK… why not? And… it turned out to be one of the best books I’ve read this year

And here’s why

1) He begun with this

“Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN. Everybody needs that crazy, out-there idea that allows them to ACTUALLY start doing something they love, doing something that matters. Everybody needs an EVIL PLAN that gets them the hell out of the Rat Race, away from lousy bosses, away from boring, dead-end jobs that they hate. Life is short.”

Okayyyyy… hold your horses dear bosses and ex bosses…

disclaimer: I’ve had no lousy bosses (lucky me! :P)

The last 3 words is what you and everyone should jump on – Life is short! Too short indeed.

This books preaches about the need to stop whining about how unhappy we are doing what we do everyday, and actually do something to change the way things are. How many of us are gutsy enough to make life changing decisions in pursuit of happiness? Grow a pair of balls will ya – metaphorically please. For a start, pick up this book, to ‘seed’ your balls right now.

Thought it is clear the book is meant for making evil plans career wise, I guess I see it as a life guide in general. Evil Plans can be made in so many aspects no?

2) He named it Evil Plan

He could have named it Chasing Rainbows or Dream Big or something cheesy along that line, but no…… he named it Evil Plan. After devouring the whole book – I felt it’s title couldn’t be more perfect. It’s bold, it’s gutsy, it’s screams attitude, but most of all, for me at least, it says “I have a plan, a damn good one, and not many will be supportive of it, but to hell with them, and once the plan is executed… successfully, someone will start a fan club, and others will start a hate club – MuAhAhAhahhHHaha (evil laugh)”

3) His concept – Unification of Work and Love

I’ve always had my favourite quote cited as often as I can. Even on my work mail.

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” Arnold Toynbee

I am a true believer of loving and enjoying waking up every morning looking forward to work – not just getting by each day with our eyes on nothing else but money… and the potential for even more money. In some ways I know I am still in the rat race, and now literally housed myself in the cubicle farm. Nevertheless, I at least do enjoy and look forward to be on the thread mill of the corporate glass box now but I know it is not so much of the moolah anymore, for some reason…. that’s the beauty.. and the irony of things actually. It’s when we are not focused on just making more money, things seems to just fall in place while you are trying to do what you are suppose to and enjoying it at the same time. This is probably how God’s ‘evil plan’ for us works. But that’s another story… my point is, as cliche as it can be (yes I know – those few words itself are the cliches!), only when we are able to unify work and love/play, I think we will never truly be successful, we are just another rich person. I hope you are truly rich enough to buy love and happiness. 🙂

4) He cited stories and examples so perfectly making his point easy to digest and so memorable

5) It is not a recipe for success book. And… it does make me feel a lil dirty still being in this rat race – but ultimately it is not telling us to leave whatever we are doing. It emphasizes on doing what you love, what makes you happy. I felt better when I came to the part where he said all we need to do is to simply “start a conversation’…. then take baby steps. I’ve hatched mine… my very own evil plan…. about half a year back. A small evil plan, but it is still a plan.

There are still many reasons why I think we, everyone should read this book  – ok maybe not for everyone…. pessimists and cynics, don’t waste your money. Stay put and continue to scowl at your laptop 9-5. But everyone else, at least google for more reviews and see if it is good enough to nudge you to pick up a copy.

*This is NOT a paid book review…. and no, I don’t know the author


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