A holiday that’s an ultimate workout

Holiday and workouts don’t come hand in hand…. you would think…

I’ve found the secret to liking exercise – no it’s not sexercise, but I’m talking about a short trip to Bangkok. It’s truly an exercise for the body – the feet naturally, our tummy of course – the food in absolutely yummy and so so so so addictive. Fav and most memorable, from before and now, the pork rice! It can be found almost everywhere, its taste is pretty consistent everywhere too, and its absolutely delicious! (sorry for those who don’t take pork… :P)

I would say also an exercise for our mind and soul. The art scene in Bangkok put shame to me a Malaysian. Its no wonder generally Thai’s produce better creative stuff, the movies, music, art, etc.

But yea.. the exercise mostly, comes from walking.

Averagely we walked about 10km a day. I’m not exxagerating. The walk from our absolutely gorgeous and fabulous hotel Luxx XL, to the train station is already about 1.5km. However it was an enjoyable walk as we made many pit stops buying street food, drinks, foot massages etc.

And not i emphasized on how wonderful this hotel is – simply because they did this for us. After a long day in the city, we came  back to a lovely surprise in the room. Heart shape rose petals on the bed, a plate of choc moose dessert in the fridge and rose petals in the tub.

I would say this is one hotel that I’ve absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE their toiletries. It’s from this range called Nature Touch – Aromatherapie. Smells wonderfull, and best of all, its foam bath gel suds up so quickly and forms this thick, white, nice smelling bubble blanket. Took a long bath every day, and 2 on the last day! 😛 

So now you can understand, how can I come back and not put in a good word for this hotel. So really – you couples out there, should you want to try a quaint little boutique hotel during your next visit to Bangkok, check out Luxx XL, located in Langsuan. Rates are pretty reasonable, about Rm300ish a night, walking distance to 2 BTS stations, imagine it like Seminyak in Bali or maybe our very own Solaris area.

There are plenty of little cafes by the street attached to hotels or service apartments, grocery stores, nice fancy restaurants, but for poor folks like us, the best part has got to be the wide array of street food along the way heading to the train stations. But yes, get comfy shoes, there will be lots of walking involved.

Walking starts the minute we step out of our hotel, we walked from bazaar to bazaar, took trains to various shopping malls, walked and explore the areas near the train stations trying to spot some hidden gem (which we found many!) and most of all, we walked hours shopping.

Shopping – is everything you would want to visit Bangkok for. (Apart from their addictive food). From cheap bargains at wholesale malls like Platinum to local designer’s unique creations to high street fashion shopping, its just stuff to buy every single angle you cast your eyes upon!

However, Bangkok is not all sun shining. The black cloud within all that bright light is a sight like this.

At every street, every train station, every tourist spot, every mall, every other walkway, there is a sad picture like this, reminding us of how in the midst of the hustle and bustle, there are lil kids everywhere, begging – for money, or food. Am pretty sure theres some sindicate that’s running this huge cruel circus, they’ll pay for this inhumane path of life I’m sure, but as a tourist, I am suddenly thankful that in Malaysia (at least in the parts I roam to), this is quite an uncommon sight. Can’t begin to describe how I felt when I first saw a sight like this bout 7 years ago in Jakarta – wasn’t at all prepared, so yes, there were tears. However, being prepared for a sight like this doesn’t really help make things easier, so either I am older and thus supposingly stronger now, or it’s indeed easier to swallow when it’s not my first time seeing it anymore. But yeah… sad.. amongst my happy shopping eating and sight-seeing moments, this is also a sight I was forced to swallow. Said a silent prayer that night (in the tub! :P)!

Bangkok – a must visit again, maybe next year! 😛


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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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