My gift of hearing – Make me wonder #29 of 200

La di do la do mi mi – A familiar sound – the piano. I’ll recognize these sounds anytime – about 15 years of playing banging on it. I miss my piano… sigh

Baby wailing. Loud. Shrill. Annoying. My baby will never make that sound. Never. 😛 

Water splashing.  Source – Water feature. Nice. Miss my Malacca home. Miss sitting in the living room, watching TV whilst trying to block the annoying sound of our water feature on the porch. 

Loud voices – a couple arguing. Sad. Why do we argue with ppl we live with, ppl we care for, ppl we love?

Dogs barking. Why? Alert? Curious? Seeking attention? Or just out of habit? 

Cutleries clanking. Dinner time! I’m getting hungry. Peeked. Smiled. Family dining together. I miss that too. 

Sounds from the TV. Can’t make out what’s showing. Need to watch more TV.  😛

Wind chimes clinkering. I want one! Someday. Someday… 

More water splashing. But lighter trickles. Ah. Someone’s watering plants. I miss gardening. Miss my bonsais. 

Azan berkumandang  :P. Strangely soothing…. Reminds me I’m in a multi cultural and religion yet peaceful country. Also, reminds me its getting dark. 

More sounds of water – ah … from the bathroom. Someone’s showering. Desperately need one now. 

Air cond humming. Once a luxury that turned into a neccesity now 

Oh no!

Heart skipped a beat.

It’s too quiet! Anticipated noise. 

Shaggy dog is missing!

Peeked. Empty house. They’ve moved?!?!?!

Never got to know him. Sad. 


Home…  finally 

After a 5.5km insightful jog…. Alone.

Thank you God for your ingenious creation of this world.


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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