Make me wonder #26

After a looooong working week (yes, was rather long for the Guinea Pig as he was working on the public holiday as well, sigh….) we had a very satisfying (food and conversation wise) Fri night dinner of Mahbub Briyani, head home and snuggled under blankies to watch a DVD – 127 hours.

127 hours was simply  inspiring. Based on the true story of a mountain climber who becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive.

Yes, very DESPERATE measures indeed. For one, he drank pee for gawd sake. Stinky bubbly pee! I guess if you know that is what you have to do to stay alive for another day, it’s easier to swallow? I don’t know. Even the thought of it now made me cringed. He attempted all he can think of to escape, with the limiting materials he had in his backpack. Amazing how he can stay calm despite all the failed attempts. He hallucinated a lot too, but that actually kept his spirits up which drove him to eventually successfully freeing himself.

Heck he even masturbated! I was a lil disturbed by that scene though. In such a depressing  and life threatening situation, he managed to errrrrr…. get it up!

But the worst of all has got to be him amputating his own hand with a very blunt and tiny knife. I dove under covers throughout this scene, it could possible give me nightmares! All in all,  127 Hours was a good watch. Reminded myself to continuously appreciate the lil things in life, and of course, to never give up.

Speaking of which, I’ve have been meaning to blog about this site –

It’s a cute yet inspiring blog with little stories of the authors ‘awesomethings’. Check it out!!!!! Guaranteed to plant a lil smile on your face. Quite a good pick-me-up.

Found the blog through a video Guinea Pig made me watch (to remind me to be thankful for what I’ve got now.. :P). Heres the link. Pretty touching story of how he got this blog started, and how it snowballed to what it is today, the top selling books, and an upcoming movie.

Back to my own blog.

Make me wonder #26 of 200 shall be, what are the awesome things that we all have, but overlooked?  

So  impromptu-ly,  I thought of a few incidences, did as many as I can, lazy to dig for old pictures, so most are rather recent, but hey, at least I now have my own lil list of ‘awesomethings’.

Here goes nothing something great! 🙂

1)      Seeing something for the very first time, (never thought after 29 years that could still happen) something unique, something that makes you look twice, trice, even more, and something that makes you do a mobile upload to share it with all of your friends. (KuKu Harimau)  And … No, it’s not edible. I did asked.


2)      Grabbing the only parking spot available as soon as you entered the car park. YAY!!!!

3)      Local underdog sports team finally claim glory to something and the government declares a free public holiday!!! GO Team Harimau!

4)      You woke up with a jolt, you are late for work, sat up quickly, panicked, and then it dawned on you that it’s Saturday. You lie down again, smiled, and hug your other half while dozing off again.

5)      Post holiday, you go through the tons of pictures and found a few surprisingly good shots.

IMG_4374 DSC01180

6)      You go to the washroom at the mall, walked out and your other half surprises you with one of your favorite childhood snacks. (yam yam)


7)  You are thinking of that special someone and suddenly saw a teeny, deemed insignificant item that you know you mustto get it for him to show how much he’s been occupying your mind that day


8) It’s yet another birthday in the office, *yawn* but suddenly someone walks in with a huge cake and many ‘mini’ colleagues stucked on the cake – thats a sight you don’t see … ever!


9) You are on a vacation, walked in to your new temporary bathroom for the next few days, and see this in the toilet bowl. How thoughtful.  🙂


10) Breakfast on top of the hill with a view to die for coupled with an awesome horse riding session. Tiresome planning before hand, but am thankful for everything falling into its right places eventually, and all was so good. 🙂


11) Soaking and pampering our aching feet after a full day of literally shopping till we drop


12) Waiting almost an hour for a simple street Chinese dish – pork noodles, while we read chatted away and stared at random strangers.DSC00217

13) Digging into the old cabinets at home and finding ‘gems’ like this, blast from the past indeed.


14) Lying beside the love of my life, on the grass, in the open, snacking on junk food all day, watching a glorious dance of fireworks right on top of us.


15) The sight of a giant pair of pants


Here’s all I’ve got for now… guess I could add on to the list if anything elses come to mind…. till then…

Am gonna have a great weekend. Life’s sweet… so so sweet. 🙂


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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