Why I can’t wait to turn a year older….

Because I’m looking forward to huge jars of happiness, just like the one I’ve received this year. (yes… the bar has been set! 😛 )

Few posts back, in end Dec, I’ve blogged about my surprise birthday celebration for the Guinea Pigs birthday. Now, it was his turn to plan my birthday, and it was… I would admit, better than my plan for his. Thumbs up, toes up, everything up! 😛 

I guess his planning started about 2 weeks before Jan 30th. Told me to book that date, he’s taking me for dinner, early birthday dinner. Birth date falls on the 3rd day of CNY, pretty hard to secure any venue I guess, so he wanted to do it earlier. Oh well, am just glad he is making an effort to plan something.

Then the next two weeks, some things just didn’t really fit. He was always on the phone, or typing furiously on his laptop but changed screen when I tried to take a peek, was acting shady, and even told me to my face to not check his phone for 2 weeks, said he doesn’t want me to ruin my own surprise. @#$%^%$#@#$%^%$#!!!!!

Admittedly, with my insecurities, it was gawd damn hard to not wish for him to recede back to the kayu bf I thought he was and just do a simple impromptu dinner. No elaborated plans = no hiding anything from me. With me knowing that he is definately hiding something, and to top it off, he once scolded me when I yet again tried to peek at what he is doing on his laptop, I was a ball of mixed emotions actually. (yes yes yes.. I know….. I have issues, I’m still working on my insecurities). And then… the date finally arrives!!!!!

Was in such a dillemma choosing my dress that evening. Not knowing where we are going absolutely made it impossible to be sure of what outfit to put on (I’m queer in a way that I like to know where I’m going and if possible what others are wearing to determine my outfit). Had a lil drama with the boy, trying to get him to approve my choice of outfit (since hes the only one who knows where we are going…. hrmph), but him being a guy, gave very vague and in no way assuring comments, long story short, after bout 10 mins of arguing finally we’ve decided on this. Brand new outfit from Modestarr, Bangsar!


Left the house, got into the car, still no idea where’s dinner.. and most importantly what. Was getting a lil hungry, but more excited actually. Feeling gleeful, I continued to probe the boy… kept asking where are we going, what kinda food are we gonna eat, etc etc.

He said we had to pop by a friends (YT) house to pick up something, I jumped and speculated that we may be picking up my birthday present, or maybe a birthday cake. It was rather a fun ride. Loads of teasing and laughter. Very much like the first few rides we had during our first few dates, especially the long ones up Genting. Remembered us yakking away happily, talking about everything under the stars, and most importantly laughing at each others jokes, ahh… am missing em butterflies… 🙂

Ok back to the present. As soon as we reach YT’s house, he told me the first surprise is now to be revealed….. he is not taking me to a dinner at a restaurant. It’s actually…. wait for it…… (drum rolls pls) a house party!

PARTY!!!!~~~!!!~~!!  He planned a party????!!??!!??!!??

All together now pls – AWWwWwwWWWWwww~~~~~~

And that’s when I saw the balloons as we opened the door…. blue and silver balloons…. thanks to sweet thoughtful YT!!  :)))


Couldn’t stop beaming.

The whole evening then became quite a blur, as everything went by so quickly – as they do all the time when we are having the time of our lives. One by one of the party crew arrived, we said our hello’s, chatted, and most importantly, we pigged out oh and of course, camwhored. Us gals mainly, the guys were pretty camera shy that night for some reason… 😛


Food was BBQ stuff from BBQ Addicts, (we took a short cut by cooking it in the oven), and it was absolutely delicious! Can’t believe Guinea Pig actually found a company to prep all our bbq stuff and deliver them to the house, all we need to do is to cook em….. ahh.. if only they do washing up too! 😛

Lulu and her man brought some yummy pastas from Vanila Place in Empire. Good stuff!!! Made a mental note to blog about the food there soon.

Then came along more surprises – a special concocted cocktail by Guinea Pig himself (can’t believe he actually created a drink for me!!), he named it Mayliboo (May + Malibu + Boo Boo – his nickname for me). It was Malibu + Pineapple Juice + Cranberry & Pink Guava Juice.


Next surprise, was the sweet corn that Mike bought from the morning market. I absolutely heart bbq-ed sweet corn! Still craving for them now!

Was truly a happy happy happy girl that night. Couldn’t say enough thank you’s to Guinea Pig and everyone else who made me feel like a million bucks.

Made with love cocktail in one hand, sweet bbqed corn in another, smell of yummy food in the air, sounds of laughter in the background, thank you God. Thank you.


And yet another surprise, the birthday “cake”!!! I used ” cos it is not really a cake! My candles were on a sponge (not edible) and was placed on top of ‘cake’.


My cake this year was 4 tubs of ice cream, from Last Polka, in various yummy flavours! My first birthday non-cake! Trust the Guinea Pig to come up with non traditional stuff. 🙂


Best part of the party, the pressies from everyone. Love love love all of them, especially this one from Guinea Pig.

Saw this in Sundays, BV a couple of weeks ago, and was really drawn to it. Love most of the stuff in Sundays actually. However, it was ridiculously overpriced, and am just naturally  unwilling to spend on such frivolous stuff. When I first opened the gift from him, I had to stop laughing to take a deep breath. He actually remembered the exact 2 items I liked… aaawwwww…

I’m so taking back those whines and rants I’ve uttered to my gal pals of him being a insensitive and unromantic mate…..  opsie… soweeeee dear……  😛


Said a silent prayer that night as I was dosing off to sleep, thanking God for his blessings, for only He alone can take away my sorrows and turn things around in just a year, and only He and He alone can make all our wishes come true, all we need to do is ask.

I then remembered feeling a peck on my forehead and a whisper – Sweet dreams darling.


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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