Make me wonder #22 – Are all men freaks?

I’m brewing up a secret special plan for Guinea Pigs birthday which is just around the corner. So naturally, I have been browsing for restaurants to spend that one special night. Then something dawned on me.

Most returned results for ‘romantic dinners’ on Google came back as descriptions of someone’s first dates! The kepochi DNA in me kicked in and I went on reading the more recent posts to find out how those first dates turned out. Sadly, I shall conclude that most of the dates did not render to a long term relationship. There were a few short term ones, but all in all, most just didn’t turn out too well. Then one girl (I shall not reveal I guess) even mentioned she was sick of having first dates – and sick of dating freaks.

A city like ours, full of eligible bachelors, yet a nice chick went on a few first dates and declares that she is sick of dating freaks? It’s either she is extremely unlucky and bad in choosing dates, or, could it be that we are all freaks deep inside?

We all go on first dates, hoping to head towards that one road, that very road leads to a nice cushy carpet down the aisle with the sounds of laughter and wedding anthems. I believe in first dates, where you have butterflies in your tummy and makes a checklist of things to say or not say. (but no – I don’t believe in sex after it). Thank God I’ve had no bad first dates (yet), it all turned into long term relationships and if anyone would to be labeled a freak, it would be me. (those who knows me well is nodding in agreement – I KNOW)

The first date that Guinea Pig and I had was indeed a fairytale, started from 6pm and ended at 7am. We practically had 4 dates in 1 single night. From dusk to dawn.  😛

Was the best first date anyone could ever wished for. So I am thankful I have not had enough bad first dates with certain freaks to be that jaded as this poor gal. I would still be open to the idea of start dating again, to go through that first date again all over again, im eager to feel reunite with the butterflies in my tummy again. (If I do end up being single again someday).

Nevertheless, I do admit that freaks do exist, simply because I’ve just watched an episode of Sex & The City recently – Are all men freaks.

Yes, she asked a very prickly question. Are all men freaks? (And I’m sure the men are asking the same question. Are women all freaks?)

If I remember correctly, in that episode, they featured a few ‘freaks’

The Man who is into SM.. kinky.. but no.. I’m not into that!

The Man With No Soul

The Man With Two Faces

The Man Who Steals Stuff

The Mr Pussy – the man who loves to give erm… “paintjobs”

Then Carrie herself then met a guy. Nice charming witty guy. He bitched about the she-freaks he has met, there is a chick who wears shoes to bed. After some sparks flew and chemistry came to play, they decided to give each other a go. It didn’t turn out too well, as Carrie herself turned into a freak – The Gal Who Snoops Around. She was so fearful that he would be a freak, she wanted to find out what is freakish about him first. When he left her alone in his house, she started frantically snooping around, and he came back and caught her red handed. So she was added to his list of yet another she-freak.

SO our wonderment of the day shall be – who is the Freak now? When a new relationship turned sour – as 2 person get to know each other better, they both pointed fingers at each other and said – you are a freak. If we keep on dating Freaks, will we one day give up on love and refuse to date anymore?

I think we are all a lil freaked out from time to time, freaked out by the idea that we are dating yet another freak, freaked out by the thought of what if he is perfect but this still don’t work out they way we want it to, freaked out by the thought that we’ll someday run out of freaks to date and be all alone. We freak ourselves out with the many possibilities of what could go wrong.

But I like it that at the end of the show, Carrie said –

…if the world’s fattest twins can find love, there’s hope for all of us.
Somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us, understand us…
…and kiss our three heads and make it all better.

With that alone, I hang tightly on to the fact that, as freakish as I may seem to be, I’m just yet another gal searching for true love – a lifelong happiness with that other freak.


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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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