Been meaning to blog about this last Sunday itself, but I’ve been attacked by the “wicked-est” viral fever – contracted the whole one-big-happy-family of flu, stuffed nose, nasty cough, migraines and to top it off, was juggling with oodles of work stuff! Oh such “joy” at work this week… argh TGIF! Only managed to find some time today. I guess it’s better late than never.

So here goes…….


Am now a Christian and Lydia is the chosen name. This came as quite a surprise actually. That very morning of my baptism, texted my parents about my baptism, and mom asked if I have chosen a Christian name. I asked Guinea Pig if I would be asked to change my name, do I need to choose one and he said usually there isn’t a need to do so, as it is not a very common practice. So we weren’t prepared at all to receive  new name.

I don’t know why, there were butterflies in me tummy the few minutes before baptism. Tried to calm myself down by talking to Guinea Pig and the girls, and suddenly thought of doing a short video to myself, to mark this new ‘birthday’ of mine.

Guinea Pig was not a very good videographer, he was laughing too hard and I couldn’t even get my thoughts out!


Finally, managed a quick note to myself.

Super impromptu – a very nasal sounding me, the moment right before Lydia was born.

Guess some ‘subtitles’ are very much needed to help you understand what I am saying, so  here goes!


Skipped towards the videographer

“I want to do my interview again…… pls la…… don’t laugh OK?”

“So today, 28th of Nov 2010, is the day I’m going to be baptised. May God help me leave everything behind, and start everything anew today onwards. I hope that God will bless me, with a blessed life, a  happy life, and no more tears from now on.”

and I sempat add

“Thank you”

For those of you who is curious what the baptism process is like, here you go!  😛

After baptism ceremony itself, Pastor Elisa (of Renewal Lutheran Church) said she has a new name for me! Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!!

A name to help me through life as a brand new person, to help me leave my past behind, and a new name to make me stronger emotionally.  

She then called Guinea Pig to the front, and announced that she has chosen Lydia as my Christian name, and asked if we both liked it. I was still somewhat in shock, can’t really remembered my response to that, but I remembered feeling very submissive. I take it as it is a name chosen by God, given through Pastor Elisa. I guess a chosen name trumps any other glamour sounding name anytime? Hehe!

She encouraged us to use the name as often as we can, so we immediately informed the 3 “angels” that came all the way to church to witness my “birthday”  (Lulu, ChinYi & Wendy) and Guinea Pigs mom of the new name – Lydia. Guinea Pigs mom immediately said “Oh, she was a smart businesswomen! Good good!”  Tee..hee..  J


Never thought there will ever be an occasion, (not in this lifetime at least) that I will have a new name. It still feels rather strange, but then again, it is just the 5th day adopting this name, I guess I will get used to it eventually. Though I sensed a sinister vibe from certain people, each time with an almost teasing echo when they call out – Lydia, accompanied with a cheeky smile. Perhaps not everyone can comprehend the importance of a chosen Christian name, or perhaps being bold enough to declare myself a believer to the extent of adopting a new Christian name made people feel uncomfortable. Why? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure. I am certain this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life and I am not ashamed to declare myself a believer.

So… Lydia was born on the 28th Nov 2010. That evening itself, we went goggling on who Lydia actually was.

Acts 16: 9-15  

“This story is about one woman who was in the right place, at the right time, with the right heart, and with the right attitude. God can do amazing things through men and women who are prepared to seek him, to follow him, and to be obedient to his vision. We are only limited by the smallness of our own vision – if we get a vision from God, then it’s limitless because he’s limitless.”

Why was Lydia the right woman?

A few points from v13-15 in the passage show us:

  • she was a woman of prayer
  • she listened and was eager to learn
  • she was a worshipper
  • she opened her heart
  • she was obedient to baptism
  • she confessed that she was a believer
  • she wanted to serve
  • she opened her home
  • she was hospitable

It really is a remarkable story – and what a significant part Lydia played – this one woman, the right woman, in the right place, at the right time, with the right heart and the right attitude. Lydia was a woman of influence in her day. I am glad Pastor see me as a Lydia. J

I believe it is important to choose a name that will have a positive effect, since every time it is used the person is reminded of its meaning. Guinea Pig told me a story of an ex-colleague of his that was nicknamed Lalok (crazy) and everyone called him that. He indeed acted pretty ‘off’ at times. One fine day, the very kind manager told Lalok to start using his original name and stopped everyone from calling him that. He was then a changed man.

While many just decide by reading a book of baby names, or go for whoever is currently popular (recently it was Paris and Brittany) or in celebration of the World Cup we could have many Waynes (Rooney) Christianos,  I read that the Afrikaans are often known to combine the names of the parents. I also known for a fact that Chinese selects names with auspicious meanings. Mine meant – beautiful star (I think)

Also found on the web that New Zealand has seen the birth of twins called Benson and Hedges and a child called Bus Stop and another child called 4Real, it sparked international controversy. Bus Stop??!??? How bizarre! Poor kid will probably commit suicide in his kindie!

I also came across an interesting site with quirky celebrity baby names. Have fun chuckling!

Parents Celebrity Baby Names   Interesting
Gwen Stefani Zuma Nesta Rock    
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Shiloh Nouvel F May 2006 — Shiloh is Hebrew and means “Messiah” or “peaceful one”
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Suri F April 2006 — Means “pointy nose” in Todas but parents like the meanings “princess” and “red rose” better
Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Apple F  
Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Moses M April 2006 — named after a song Chris wrote for Gwyneth in 2003
Nicholas Cage Kal-el Coppola M name of Superman on the planet Krypton
Julia Roberts
Daniel Moder
Phinnaeus and Hazel M
Named by grandfather (a comedian) Shia (shee-ya) LaBeouf M this actor’s name means “thank God for beef”
Julia & Jamie Oliver Daisy Boo F  
Julia & Jamie Oliver Poppy Honey F  
Demi Moore &
Bruce Willis
Rumer Glenn F  
Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Scout LaRue F  
Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Tallulah Belle F  
Madonna & Guy Ritchie Rocco M  
Courtney Cox & David Arquette Coco F  
Victoria &
David Beckham
Romeo M  
Sylvester Stallone Sage Moon Blood M  
Posh & Beckham Cruz M Pronounced “Cruth” and is a girl’s name in Spain where they live. Father was sure it was a girl up to the moment he was born

 A name defines you, so choose wisely.


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