Bizarre cough remedies – Make Me Wonder #20 0f 200

Cough Cough Cough

I can’t get a sentence out these 2 days without coughing. That is how bad this cough is now!!!

Been sick since last week, last Wed to be exact (how can I forget  L), and I lost my voice over the weekend. I think Mr Voice is still enjoying its field-day somewhere out there. Made a mental note to ground him when he gets home. Maybe a lil spanking to teach him a lesson for taking off like that (ok…. we all know that’s the medicines talking.. been popping way too many pills.)

But believe me, it is truly very inconvenient! I kept forgetting I can’t talk, and I kept answering my phone when it rang. So I always end up hanging up the phone when I opened my mouth to say ‘hello’ and nothing comes out. Will then proceed to text the caller to explain my situation. SO frustrating! SO VERY FRUSTRATING!

And it is so embarrassing in office, where it is pretty quiet sometimes, and my hollow cough seemed to echo so loudly! (yes, I can be very self conscious).  

It is so bad to the extent that I have to skip a meeting today because I did not want my constant coughing to disrupt the session, and since I can barely talk, what more contribute to the discussion, it is pretty much pointless for me to be there. Sigh…

Am feeling so tired, and its only Tuesday! Barely slept last night, kept waking up to cough. Poor Guinea Pig woke up several times as well, to get me water, cough drops… he’s just the sweetest. (babes: remind me this pls when I complaint about him not doing enough next time :P) Am hoping he won’t be infected by my virus and fall sick next. Then it will just be another vicious cycle. Felt like it was just last month when I had to take him to the vet. Hrmph… have we been taking turn getting sick? Anyways, am praying hard he won’t fall sick, trying not to pass my virus to him, no sharing of food and drinks, turning away when I cough… and no kissing for a while…. sigh

So back to my Make Me Wonders, yes… am still trying to keep it up. Slow and steady.

This shall be about weird remedies that we could perhaps give it a go.

Been Goggling for remedies to get rid of this cough, and can’t help but wonder if these ‘weird’/unconventional remedies work.

Note: taken from multiple sites/blogs

1) Grease Up Your Feet: A bizarre North American folk cure for a cough involves greasing up your feet in Vick’s Vapo Rub then throwing on a pair of thick socks. Of course, Vicks does not endorse this method.

Not sure if I should try this… hrmmmmmm…..

Guess no harm trying… but I am sooooooooooo gonna smell like a granny!

2) Wet socks for sniffles: To clear congestion when you have a cold, first warm your feet in hot water, then soak a thin pair of socks in cold water, wring them out and put them on. Put a pair of thick, dry socks over the wet ones and go to bed. The wet socks help draw blood to your feet, thereby boosting circulation, which helps clear congestion.

Sounds like a lot of trouble. But yea.. probably should try this. As weird as it sounds, if it is out there in someone’s blog, it must have worked for someone before, so why not?

3) Chocolate for coughs: If a tickly cough is bugging you, treat yourself to a bar of chocolate. Theobromine, found in cocoa, suppresses sensory nerves, which will help soothe your throat.


Suggested to Guinea Pig over gtalk – and he replied  “nice try”.


 4) Lizard soup: The soup ingredients (herbs) are yam, chinese dates, ginseng, medlar, and something called tragacanth. About 10 grams of each. You cook these herbs with some pork bones and the lizards. They’re reported to be good for asthma, colds, lungs and heart

Yikessssss… lizard???? Seriously????????????? Where do we even buy some? Use rubberbands and try to ‘shoot’ the ones at home???

NEVER gonna try this!

5) Ginger is a fabulous remedy for cough. Slice some fresh ginger and just place it in your mouth whenever you feel like coughing. Until the cough melts away, chew the ginger. This is one of the best dry cough medicines.

Place ginger in my mouth? Chew the ginger? Fresh ginger?

I rather cough….

6) Garlic helps tackle the root cause of cough, that is common cold and flu. Garlic syrup, yes, I know sounds strange, but believe me, it works. Take a handful of garlic cloves and chop them. Place the chopped garlic in a mason jar and cover it completely with honey and close the jar with lid. Let it be in the refrigerator and marinate it for at least 24 hours. Take a tablespoon of this syrup whenever you have the sensation of cough. Ideally, it should marinate for at least 2 weeks, 24 hours is enough.

For those who knows me well…. Garlic is one of my least favorite food of all. Not sure if I am able to swallow garlic syrup.

Those are about 6 unconventional remedies that I’ve spotted… I am sure there are more! To lazy to Google for more, cough is giving me a headache.. and a tummy ache! (I actually asked a friend if I can lose weight by coughing so much, since I feel my tummy muscles aching) 😛

There are some funny grandma’s remedy on this site, and some logical explanations to it. – Have a good laugh

 But the weirdest would be

 If your child has whooping cough, pass him under a donkey’s belly, or take him for a donkey ride along the seafront. If that fails, place him before the fire and rub his feet liberally with hog’s lard or goose grease. Then give him four live woodlice in a spoonful of jam or treacle, and the ‘whoop’ will vanish. Or, catch and skin a field mouse, make a small pie for your child to eat, and strap the skin of the mouse to his throat – furry side down – for nine days.


Ok… a cherry-on-top for this post. Funny-lame cough joke.



Ok ok… this cough is not to be taken lightly…. I know I know…

Guinea Pigs gonna take me to the doc tonight, for a dose of antibiotics, and hopefully some sleeping pills so I don’t keep the whole house up tonight.


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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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4 Responses to Bizarre cough remedies – Make Me Wonder #20 0f 200

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  2. yoruanko says:

    love the chocolate part. i will try again and again even if it doesnt make sense at all… haha =))

  3. SebDarling says:

    Some say… Hospitals exist.

  4. Colleen Howden says:

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