Happiness – Make me wonder #18 of 200

At church yesterday morning, we sat beside this cranky lady and her family. She permanently had a scowl on her face, the 5 year old me would tease and said that the wind changed direction while she was making this face and it got stuck permanently like that forever. (tee hee).

To help you visualize her look, imagine her sniffing cow dung under her nose. – all the time. We’ve noticed her a couple of times when we sat near her in church, shes just plain grouchy. (ok enuff of bitchy-ness)

So yesterday, she was sitting right beside Guinea Pig and she was rummaging her bag for god knows what (probably a tissue to wipe of the dung under her nose) and she was so impatient that some of our papers that was beside her fell on the ground, and she just kept scowling without the courtesy to apologize.

Was wondering what is wrong with her, and commented to Guinea Pig that how can someone who looks like she has everything on track in life be such a grumpy old soul? She has a hubby that goes to church with her every week, 3 kids, a maid, and im judging from their dressing and the fact that they have a maid, probably middle class, so couldnt be doing so bad financially (i guess). So why is someone who has everything going on life acting as if she’s seen all the unfairness in the world?

And as always, Guinea Pig said something that made me wonder. What makes me think that just because she seem to have everything people wanted (a wholesome family), she is happy? Happiness is relative, and we only see her for 2 hours once a week, there is a lot that we don’t see.

Hmmm.. Happiness is relative? Hmmm.. I went googgling… and….

I found a website that can clearly demonstrate how subjective and relative happiness can be.


A snippets from the site…

I define happiness as … a clear MRI on a brain scan! WE have 2 wonderful daughters, Abbi age7 and Somer age22. In May of 2000, Somer was diagnosed with a very malignant brain tumor. 33 radiation treatments, 4 surgeries and numerous prayers, she now has a clear MRI! She has been stable since October! Happiness is health, family and a 25 yr. marriage that can weather through the worst of storms
Vicki Hood, Alabama, USA

I define happiness as … comfortable shoes.
Sarah White, Arkansas, USA

I define happiness as … The smile on my son’s face when he wakes up and the sun is shining after 4 days of rain, and he says ‘mom, I can do my running today!’
Helene Nicol, South Africa

So yes… as you can see, happiness is so very relative. A complete looking family maybe not be that wholesome inside after all.

Never judge from what we see on the outside.

A dialogue from the movie Just Married – No one puts unhappy pictures in photo albums, it is how we deal with the days out of the photo album pictures that makes us truly happy.

Now.. I think I hear lotsa “hmmmssss” from those camwhores like me… 😛

Take a minute and ponder.

What is your definition of happiness?


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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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