Various: Make me wonder #17 of 200

Supposed to be published on Tues.. dunno what went wrong.. hrmph…  😦

This #17 will be a super random post. It’s a compilation of all the drafts of #17, but somehow did not put enough effort & thoughts, so take it as it is. Probably when I am in the right mindset will revisit these and put in more thoughts. 😛

Part 1 of #17

A life on Facebook

Everyone should so watch this!

After watching a clip of someones FB activities from the days where he was single until years later when he got married and be a dad and eventually die…. it made me wonder, what will it be like to watch a video of my own facebook in future.

Can someone make a version of this for me pls pls pls, as my 60th birthday pressie?

Part 2 of #17–speaker-interview-gary-hirsch.html

 An interesting find on

More heads are better than one, under the right conditions.

1. Pair up with someone
2. One of you is the storyteller and the other does nothing
3. The storyteller comes up with a made up title of a story that has never been told before
4. They tell the story

Now try this:

1. Pair up with someone
2. One of you is the storyteller, and the other is the word giver
3. Have the word giver give the storyteller a made up title of a story to tell
4. The storyteller begins telling the story. During the story, the word giver will call out random words that have nothing to do with what the storyteller is talking about. For instance, if the story is about a trip to the beach, the word giver avoids helpful worlds like “sand”, “waves”, “surfboards”, etc..Instead you give completely disassociated words like “pudding”, “dinosaur”, and “Sean Connery”
5. The storyteller has to instantly incorporate the random words into the story. The word giver must wait until the word just given is incorporated into the story before calling out a new one
6. After a while, the storyteller finds an ending to his/her story and then the players switch roles.

This is called Swedish Story Telling (for no apparent or obvious reason that I can see).

Which story is more memorable? Which was easier to tell? A Swedish Story forces new connections. It slams agendas and expectations together and allows the unexpected to emerge. It’s created by more than one person. It’s co-created (yes, that word again) and it’s a hell of a lot more fun to tell.

And he ended his article with this sentence.

“If you allow yourself to play with an idea and set the bar low with the goal of coming up with new start points for new conversations that you’ve never had before about the topic, then (in my experience) the breakthroughs come with more ease and surprise.”

Do a hear a few “hmmmmmmm” s?   Tee hee

Part 3 of #17

The Jubilee Project

Am so inspired by them. Check our the other stuffs they do on Youtube or their official site

This is my favourite

Altogether now….  AwwWwwwWWwwww…

OK… time to get off work now, its a holiday tomorrow! Yayness! Guinea Pig is taking me to KL town, gonna do a jalan jalan cari makan and cari idea tour!

p/s: Guinea Pig got me a new toy! A camcorder!! Double yayness!!!  😛

Off I go now…..


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