Make me wonder #15 of 200 – Bedtime Story

Read this somewhere while I was lost in this giant web passively browsing for something inspiring. Stumbled on few random interesting articles, but this was the only one who truly made me wonder. A perfect bedtime story for my future kids. Gotta start collecting a series of – bedtime stories from now on. Really liked bedtime stories, even as a kid. Sadly, don’t usually get them, not as often as I would like to. Probably cos there are only That many stories my parents had. Hahaha… Hrmm…… OK… OK…

Its story time! (summarized the long version to this)

“We all see and experience the World, not as it is, but as we are.”

There was once a farmer who lived on the edge of town right off the main road. One day this farmer was mending his fences when a wagon came rolling up. It appeared to be a new family moving into town. There wasn’t one single space anywhere on that wagon that didn’t have a box strapped to it, or a blanket rolled up, or a frying pan hanging. As the wagon got nearer a man on the wagon called out.

“Howdy. We’re thinking of relocating to this town. Do you mind me asking what sort of folks live in these parts”?

The farmer called back, “What were the people like where you came from?”

“Not a kind bunch,” said the newcomer. “They’d stab you in the back just as soon as look at ya.”

“Well, that’s exactly the kind of folks you’ll find here.”

It wasn’t more than an hour or so later when another wagon approached, looking much like the last. It was another family looking to put down some roots in town.

“We’re fixing to move into town. We were wondering what kind of people we’ll find here,” says the man sitting on the wagon.

“What were the people like where you came from,” asked the farmer.

“Oh, they were wonderful! Any one of ‘em would give you the shirt off his back.” said the newcomer.

Then the farmer said, “Well, that’s exactly the kind of folks you’ll find here.”

Was the farmer lying to the others. No, he just knew that they would experience the town folks like they were expecting them to be and would automatically attract those people to them.

I guess we all know the morale of the story here. We all see what we want to see. Some choose to focus on the negative traits of a person/village/corporation. Only those who has accepted the negative traits and chose to focus on the positives will be able to move on happily.

Guinea pig ignited more thoughts when I was telling him this story last night.  He said this is probably the same tactic most interviewers practices while considering to hire someone.

The ever popular question – Why did you leave your previous job?

So, think carefully, and answer wisely.


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