Make me wonder #13 of 200

I’ve been busy. YES! You read it right… B U S Y as a bee. Have something in mind for #13, but no time to really put words into a paragraph. Will do so sometime this evening. (I hope)

Guinea Pig contributed to #13. (ain’t he sweet…. it’s not exactly something he really wants to do.. I know..  :P)

Here goes.

Guinea Pig says:
I’ve just came off from a lesson I experienced over last week’s weekend training.

This is probably something a few of us have heard a number of times – the idea that in life, winning really isn’t everything (oftentimes, in one ear, and out the other).

During last weekend’s training, a few things come to mind as the team got around to doing, and eventually completing, the team tasks:

  • Whenever the team has a task ahead of itself, winning (end goal) is but only one of the experiences. The other is “how it get’s there.”
  • Ideally, the team “wins” at both experiences i.e. even the process is a rewarding one for everyone coz everybody learned something and had fun doing it
  • If the team focuses too much on winning, it’s putting itself at great risk of losing in both experiences
  • Winning really is a by-product. Focus on putting your whole self into it and have fun while you are doing it, and let everything else fall into its place. It usually does.
  • What a leader should strive for is not to be the “brain” of the team, but to ask the right questions. Oftentimes, teams fail not because it doesn’t have the right answers. But that it failed to ask the right questions. That’s where leadership comes in.

So yeh, our team didn’t win the challenge. But our team believed wholeheartedly that we could and should. And that in itself is a winning experience for me.


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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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