Are you a dreamer like me? Make me wonder #10 of 200

Dream… dream… dream… ooo dreammmmmmmmmmmmmm…  Dream… dream… dream…

NO.. I’m not going loco. Just a catchy oldie that got stuck on my mind.

As I was trying to catch up on our Make Me Wonder #10 of 200, by luck I stumble onto this. I think it’s a perfect topic to be my wonderment number 10.

The power of DREAMS

No, am not gonna talk about the movie – Inception. Was more intrigue by the other ‘realistic’ questions.

Why do we dream? What purpose do dreams serve? While many theories have been proposed, no single consensus has emerged.

Some researchers suggest that dreams serve no real purpose, while others believe that dreaming is essential to mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreams suggested that dreams were a representation of unconscious desires, thoughts and motivations. According to Freud’s psychoanalytic view of personality, people are driven by aggressive and sexual instincts that are repressed from conscious awareness. While these thoughts are not consciously expressed, Freud suggested that they find their way into our awareness via dreams.

I tend to dream pretty frequently. Almost every night. (Don’t know if this is normal.. according to my 2 min Google research I seem pretty normal)

I guess probably about once a week I’ll wake up in shock, sometimes groaning, screaming and even hitting the wall. Guinea Pig used a term I’ve not heard in a long long time the other day ”Mengigau”. He thinks its caused by the things that ran through my mind right before I fall asleep, so sometimes it could be about ghosts, snakes (which I have this huge phobia for), his psycho ex (in the dream), random animals, he himself sometimes, our cats at home, food.. etc etc. So Im kinda banned from watching horror movies at night. He gets annoyed because whenever I “mengigau” he’ll need to wake up and tuck me back to sleep, and before he knows it, I’m sleeping soundly and he is left wide eyed listening to me snore. Sigh… ok more hugssssss when you’re back to compensate for the lack of shut eye!

So back to the power of dreams.

This is a clip that I’ve found that explained very thoroughly about dreams, why we dream and convinced me that dreams can mean something and help me in life.

What interest me the most is this.

Can you manipulate another persons dream?

“It is possible to manipulate dreams by providing some stimulus externally. I’d almost say an emotional stimulus, something that is most relevant to the person is most likely to get in without waking the person.” (Hrmmmmmmm)

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


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