Makes me wonder #7 of 200

Dammits… been really super busy with work these few days, starting to slack off from doing my “wonderments” of the day.

See …. this is the problems with us humans. We usually get all gung ho about a new idea, and we VOW to stick to the plan and see through the whole idea, but eventually we’ll just slowly slack and eventually stop. It happens all the time, to all of us. Yet.. we never learn, we still keep making those vows whenever we get all caught up in a new project. How many times have you regretted not seeing through something? How many times have you wished you have the strength to carry on what you have started? How many times have you asked yourself what happened to that fiery passion when you started something and where did it disappeared to? Sigh.. why oh why? Oh well… I guess we are only humans.

No, that’s not my wonder number 7 (It almost was… till Guinea Pig rolled his eyes when I told him I wanted this to be wonder number #7…  :P)

Number 7 shall be something related to kids.

A bunch of us visited the Shelter 1 home in PJ, Bukit Gasing last Sat. We brought some KFC, some cupcakes, some junk food, even have 2 magicians to entertain the kids. It gives me that nice warm feeling (the exact one that I get from Jarrod’s mushroom soup).  Yes, I’m doing this for such a selfish reason, to make myself feel good. Cannot ah? :P.

Anyways, am planning another one sometime end Nov to another shelter home in Rawang, and maybe one to PAWS or SPCA too.  More updates to come.

So back to wonder number #7. During lunch yesterday, observed this father and his daughter (4 years old) playing this game – rock, paper scissors.

They went “Ooooo Zom!”  “Oooo Zom!”  “Zom!”  “Zom!” so many times that I can’t help but to look. Then the lil gal started merajuking cos apparently she kept losing. So daddy said to her, in Canto – try a few more times you’ll eventually win. And it went on and on and on.. “Ooooo Zom!”  “Oooo Zom!”  “Zom!”  (much to my annoyance)

Then I started wondering….  this lil chinese girl has been exposed to the concept of gambling at such a young age. There is no strategy at all to this game. It’s mere luck.

Is that why some of us grow up with potential to  be gamblers? Is that why we sometimes succumb to meritocracy cos we know we can always try again?

The today, as I was typing this out, I just realized something. Probably, Mr Big Daddy (yes, he was rather large), was just teaching his lil girl perseverance. When you fail, never give up. When you try again and again, you’ll eventually succeed.

Guess there is always 2 sides to the coin right? Which side will you rather choose?

Anyone up for a game of rock, paper, scissors?


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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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