Makes you wonder #6 of 200

 Since Guinea Pig missed #3, #4 and #5, I shall skip #6 and let him take the lead. (plus I was too lazy to spot anything today) 😛

Work and the secret to happiness

 Work consumes at least 1/3 of our lives, for the most part of it. Consequently, finding a sense of satisfaction with your work is 1/3 the battle in seeking happiness in your life. This is where “work-life balance” has oftentimes been bandied around as its solution. But who is to define what is and isn’t in-balance (or out-of-balance)?

 I’ve somewhat come to a conclusion that the key to happiness with your work is to find something, anything, in which you are willing to hone, until you become a “craftsman” at it. The key word here is “craftsman.”

 We are all made, with a capacity to be a “craftsman” – defined in WordNet by Princeton as, that ability “to produce work that is consistently of high quality.” It is through that sense of purpose and satisfaction, with the quality of ones work, that one becomes truly happy. And you can do this, as part of an organization or in a company of your own. But in both situations, as you may already know, passion is compulsory. For it is only with passion, that one is able to fulfill one’s fullest potential as a craftsman.

 So go ahead now, and find your craft.

I just had to add… maybe.. just maybe.. we may find the “balance” by being a good “craftsman” for the other 2/3 part of our lives too.


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