Makes me wonder #5 of 200

As Guinea Pig & I drove home after dinner yesterday, at about 10ish pm,  we observed something rather interesting.

At the traffic light, there was a Indian rotiman – a peddler on motorbike selling bread and other junk food. He was probably heading home as well, was late, doubt he is heading anywhere trying to sell my of his stuff. At first we were just observing what he is selling. Trying to relive our childhood memories. I spotted the colourful twisted keropok and he spotted the roti-cock.. :P. And excitedly I caught a glimpse of the purple packing of Super Ring! (yums… ah.. cravingsssssss)

So then we wonder, how much does this Indian uncle makes a month anyways. He works pretty hard, it was 10ish at night and he is still on the road, we wonder why he chose this career path. Couldn’t be passion, I’m sure. We kinda concluded that it was probably because whenever he meant to do a career change, he thinks about the motorbike he has invested in, the big storage box he has installed to his motor, and his goods for sale. I mean, think about it. Each time his stocks run low, he has to replenish it. So whenever he thinks of a career hop, he has probably plenty of leftover goods, so he carried on selling. But then when stocks run low, again he has to restock them. Ah.. the vicious cycle. So Mr Rotiman is pretty much stucked selling break & snacks for the rest of his life, if he don’t break this cycle. Probably he is comfortable with it, contended more like it. He probably earns enough to support a family, basic needs are met, the occasional booze binge at the chinese shop… ah… lifes good.

Then we pondered further. So… are we all pretty much stucked on this vicious cycle as well? Glued to the same job/industry for the very same reason. Comfort zone, and we are contended.  Plus, the vicious cycle is always always always there.

If its approaching the end of the year, we tell ourselves “But it’s end year, a few more months  before bonus is awarded… hang on a lil while more”

If its beginning of the year, we tell ourselves”Bad time to jump, with the CNY round the corner, spending spiked and with the crazy work load planning the brand new years strategy.. hang on a lil while more”

If it’s mid year, we tell ourselves “Mid year appraisal – hopes for a good increment. Plus.. there are too many projects in hand, I want to see through my proposed ideas/campaigns… hang on a lil while more”

How many of us dared venture out of the comfort zone and jump into a whole new world doing something different? How many of us dared break that vicious cycle and take some risks for once? How many of us dare make a drastic career change and refuse to continue being caught up in the rat race? How many of us? How many?

Very few. I admire those who have the courage to.

Let’s take a few minutes and ask ourselves. Are we truly happy being in this rat race? Does it literally make you feel like a mangy rat sometimes, running around aimlessly, pouncing at every bit of item that remotely resembles food, forgoing the important things in life, giving yourselve the excuse that this is our way of survival?

If you are one that has never once bitched about the workload, the management, the boss, the colleagues, the clients… Bravo. You have found your calling. Go run as fast as you can and be the king of .. erm.. all rats?

For the rest of you who answered No to that question.. lets take a moment and ponder harder. Is that really worth it? Do you feel stucked in that vicious cycle?

For me…. Life’s too short.

It’s time for hatch an exit strategy.


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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