My encounter with the “mata-mata”

This just happened a few hours ago.

Was heading home to Subang from Solaris, and as always, there was a roadblock near Securities Commision. I was used to seeing this, travel this road at least twice a week as the Guinea Pigs works closeby. So no biggie, was just cruising along, layan-ing my Mariah Carey songs. Suddenly as I approached the road block, one of the policeman actually signalled for me to stop. I kinda ignored, I assumed it was for the lorry beside me, as I wasn’t on the phone, wasn’t speeding, so dun fark care… drove on…

Then out JUMP another policeman, this time angrily pointing his forefinger and me, signalling for me to stop….. My heart started racing and I quickly swerve to the right to stop. Someone honked…. guess I forgot to look right before cutting in.. soweeeeee….

Then another policeman came by… I winded down my window, cat caught my tongue, so I just sat there, keeping quiet.

He said I was speeding.. at 95kmph. Caught on their machine.. yada yada yada.

He asked if I knew it was 80kmph…

I replied “……”

Yea.. I kept quiet again.. (the damn cat still playing with my tongue)

Then he lectured a lil – “Bahaya pandu laju laju ah moi.. sini 80 saja… etc etc etc”

I kept quiet

“Mintak lesen”

I fumbled into my bottomless pit, pulled out my wallet and pass him my IC

“Lesen cik”

Fumbled even more, and finally found my lisense

“Ini sudah mati cik”

WHAT????? Oh fuck!!!! Expired???? SO fast?????

Then I realized my renewed lisense was seperated from the 1st card, so I pulled out the other card and passed it to him.

Making a mental note to staple or stick them together… waited for him to check out my photo on my IC/Lisence (or so I thought thats what he was doing)

Then he asked

“Ini saya kena saman, bayar kat balai, rm300. Boleh saman moi?”

Thats puzzling.. hes asking me if can issue me that summon? Then it strucked me.. oh.. this dirty bugger trying to fish for me to bribe him with some small change for his dinner tonite!!

Finally got my tongue back from that damn cat. I told him I didnt know it was 80kmph, and seriously don’t think I was going that fast anyways, traffic was rather heavy, was impossible to speed even if I want to. Plus I’m not in a hurry, and I’m a new driver.

He then said something like “So, macam mana cik.. etc etc”

I didn’t know what else to do… started tearing up. In less than 3 seconds I was sobbing loudly… (ok I admit I was sobbing louder evetually cos I was wearing my sunnies and he probably didn’t realize I was crying  :P)

He was dumbfounded as he saw tears come streaming down my cheeks. And I just sat there sobbing, he just stood there staring at me.

Then he said something like

“Kenapa menangis moi…. saya tak marah pun. Saya tak marah le… ”

(he kept repeating – saya tak marah a few times)

I said nothing.. just kept crying.

After a while, he probably took like 30 seconds to recompose himself, he finally broke the awkward silence and said

“OK la moi.. lain kali jangan pandu laju laju lagi.. cepat pergi la”

Without saying another word, I screen up my window and zoom off.

Now.. that was quite an experience.   😛


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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2 Responses to My encounter with the “mata-mata”

  1. thammelissa says:

    Me likey this post!!!! Thank god u were not summoned

  2. Lloyd Gan says:

    Hurm … was that spontaneous or were you playing drama with the “mata mata”? Fuyoh!

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