Bali Curse – just a myth?

 My itchy backside hands, was idle while waiting for Guinea Pig to feed me dinner. So I went randomly Goggling about stuff (no, nothing too adult, I’m just a kid!), and I somehow Goggled about the ever famous Bali Curse. (LuLu just got back from Bali – and we’re praying hard the curse is just a myth).

But what shocked me was the amount of write up on this. Easily read about 20 blogs specifically on this topic alone (yes, I’m contributing to the pile). There are stories of how ppl dated for 10 years, some survived years of long distance relationship, some were engaged, but all broke up eventually after their last holiday together to Bali, mostly within half a year.

Apparently there’s an old folks tale about a princess who was abandoned by her prince on the island, and she was so distraught she put a curse on unwedded couples who visits the island. (Probably the jerk took off after ‘doing’ her, and she’s cursing all couples who have pre-marital sex on the island!!!) That make sense right? Cos what do we all plan to do at night on a romantic island, far away from work, city and with probably some booze? So, if anyone knows anyone out there who went to Bali with their partners, behaved like 12 year olds, yet broke up anyways after the trip, pls  let me know. Cos Guinea Pigs not gonna be too happy with the idea of going there with our chastity belts on. 😛

I did discuss the curse with him, but as expected, he brushed it off, saying we, humans, only see what we want to see. If we were to hunt for couples who got married and is still together, happily married with kids now, we’ll find aplenty too. He has a point eh.. he always does. Sigh

So anyways… Most sites about this curse eventually had their writers mentioning their fears  as they are going to Bali with their current bfs, and that sparked the reason for blogging about it. I’m pretty typical in this sense. Guinea Pig and I are scheduled to visit Bali coming Jan, and I’m starting to worry about it. Which I shouldn’t. I know, we all should have more faith in our relationships than succumbing to some gossips of a curse. Right? Easier said than done!

Am not hoping to add another Bali Curse story to the blogosphere, so here’s to hoping LuLu’s relationship stays intact, and they’ll have their happy ending (in more than one aspect  :P) <- NO pressure Lu.

Ok.. Got to go now.. time to mum mum… our food genre tonight, Korean!


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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30 Responses to Bali Curse – just a myth?

  1. donny ang says:

    You guys could just live there or you could go back to bali before the 5 month is up. Still got loop hole lei. 😛

    Dun believe that. Its just nonsense.

  2. eujzin says:

    so? any updates? Is the curse real?

  3. Josline says:

    Hi Babe,

    You went Bali in Jan ?
    Me and my bf is planning to go on Oct but is haunting by the curse.
    Are you still fine with your beloved ?

    Thank you : )

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi May,

    Can I know if your Bali trip was the first holiday trip together with bf? Apparently that probably applies to first holiday trips as couples only. But most importantly, how are things so far?

    I will be going there with my bf next week. Wish me luck!

    Amanda 🙂

  5. Ape says:

    Hi, im planning to go there in Dec but was skeptical about the curse… but one of my GF went with her BF and 4 mths they ROM… all went well and just got their customary wedding 2 mths back…

  6. Mab says:

    Hi, i’m also planning to go Bali in next year June.. My friends keep telling me say don’t go.. Really, the curse is just myth..?

  7. wendy says:

    Haiz.. I was so excited to go to Bali this coming Feb. Then I received a text from my friend said that Bali is a cursed for couples whoever went they break off also she said all her friends eventually broke off.
    I also recalled recently one of my friend went to Bali and during Christmas eve they broke off.
    I think if we keep worried about it then it will happened yah…

  8. wendy says:

    Btw I just contact one of my friend in Bali. She said Bali is not cursed only this place name “Tanah Lot temple” is cursed so well try to avoid there.

  9. Kuanny says:

    Hi to everyone, this is a tragic case between ex-fiancee and i. Feb 2011, he has thrown a lavish proposal at Bali. We were in Long-Distance relationship for MANY YEARS (5 and half years) and we survived many obstacles like he fell out of love and fallen for someone and myself, is not spared from these. However, BEFORE the Bali trip, we manage to patch things up. 9 months after the proposal at Bali, he called it off and decided to break up with me over minor/petty situations. Technically, this is our first vacation together as a couple as his family members normally are with us in every other trip.
    I am extremely bitter as we could not save the relationship. To the rest of you, please don’t risk it.

  10. jules says:

    hi guys.

    im going to bali this wkds with my bf.. this wont be our 1st trip together. so, is it ok to go to bali as long as we don’t go to the tanah lot temple?? or shall we avoid bali all together? just found out about the curse today 😦

  11. je55 says:

    still gg strong?

  12. Liang says:

    Hi May, how about you and your bf? Still strong after few years?

  13. Rene says:

    Hey! Chance upon your site while looking for more info abt the ‘Bali-curse’. Come to think of it, my ex n I broke off 2 months after our trip there back in 2012 (way before I knew abt e existence of e curse) and my fren broke off with his then-gf shortly after the trip too.

    Coming June, I’ll be travelling to the beautiful island again with my bf. Hope it’s just another “interesting story” because I truly don’t wish to lose this one! Wish me luck! 🙂

    • MayWong says:

      It’s just a myth. Don’t let that be a placebo and determine ur fate. Good luck. It’s a beautiful place

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  15. Hy says:

    hi May,

    Just curious, did you visit Tanah Lot temple when you went? It’s supposedly the cursed place.

  16. Rubye says:

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  17. luna says:

    Hi, are you still together?

  18. Lim Wei Ling says:

    Hi I’m Wei Ling, I know it may be rude to ask but after your trip to Bali with your boyfriend, are you guys still together until this day?

  19. Darknight says:

    Bali breaks up a relationship if you go there before marriage. I thought it was just a story but it’s true I had a wonderful trip with my ex and well now she is an ex . So guys go to Bali if you need to break up and if you are married then it’s ok .

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