Missing the music of the shore…

Totally drained today – MENTALLY.

Mad scramble last week is taking its toll on this week too. Time for post mortems and more plannings for the next quarter, bah…. when will I ever find strength to take all my savings, blow it on a voluntravelling trip all around Asia? Is there any other way to escape this lifestyle and find something more fulfilling in life? Thank god for the wonderful weekend I’ve had, and looking forward to the coming weekend. Else.. I don’t know how I can get through the week. It’s only Tuesday!

Feel like doing this right now

(An old pic from our trip to Phuket)


Chiling with a yummy cooler, with a good book, by the beach.

I miss the sun, the breeze, the sea, the waves, the birds, the happy people all around me – I want a short getaway.

I want! I want! I want!

(Guinea Pig: I want! I want! I want!)

Can’t wait for Bali in Jan! Monthsssss to go, can’t survive till then… *sobs*

My babe LuLu is in Bali NOW celebrating her bday! Am sure shes having such a good time now with her beau taking long strolls by the beach, sight seeing, experiencing new cultures, new food, and taking their minds off work!  So so so so so wanna be there now!!

Quick blab about the Phuket trip. It coincided with the Songkran festival when  we took the trip there.

Was glad to be able to at least experience Songkran (yes, its my 1st time)

The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water. Thais roam the streets with containers of water or water guns (sometimes mixed with mentholated talc), or port themselves at the side of roads with a garden hose and drench each other and passersby.

Taken from the hotel – Burasari where we stayed.


The locals told us briefly about Songkran. It seems it is a time for cleaning and renewal. Besides washing household Buddha images, many Thais also take this opportunity to give their home a thorough cleaning. The water is meant as a symbol of washing all of the bad away and is sometimes filled with fragrant herbs when celebrated in the traditional manner.

Since April is the hottest month in Thailand, I was more than happy to join in the water fights and splashing water over people riding in vehicles. Even the people in the tuk tuk gets soaked during Songkran. So we didn’t bother to hide, but joined in the fun instead!!!!

Was hoping to capture truckload of hot babes in bikinis with their water guns, soaking wet. But, this was all  I  could spot, so this would have to do.  🙂


Ok.. can’t wait for my next holiday.. maybe I should plan a short trip sometime before Jan. Hrmmmmmmmmm

Ok.. enough now.. back to work.



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