The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart

Weekend was a bliss….but felt wayyyyyyyy too short. Woke up today wishing its a Saturday!!!! Wouldnt it be wonderful if we have  3 days of weekends instead…… Yes. Just one more day would be enough…. I SWEAR! (hehe)

Anyways… I spent the entire weekend with Guinea Pig eating (as always), bumming at home, cuddling on the bed, watching  Astro and DVDs, snacking on junk food and taking long naps. Well…. that’s my idea of a happy fulfilling weekend! We ate a lot… and I mean A LOT!  So much that Guinea Pigs tummy getting wonky these days. OKAY.. I take full blame on that, got to stop feeding him. Maybe this weekend we should be on a detox plan. Those on my twitter and FB would know better. Been posting up lots of food pics. So many pics till someone actually commented for me to stop eating! Wonder if he knows I’m putting on weigh. But I’m sure he meant well…. 😉

Looking back at the food pics I uploaded on FB, I realized something. Restaurants do put a lot of effort in food presentation these days. (or maybe its pure coincidence). But was thinking how pretty my food pics from last week looked, they were all presented very nicely, photo worthy. Here are the few that’s worth your bandwidth.

Dinner @ Sao Nam, Empire. Beef & caramelized onions. To be wrapped in rice paper with these assorted leaves. Was quite a chore wrapping them into a small spring roll though, we got really messy. Our rolls? Not picture worthy at all! But it tasted yummy. Though, would still say it looked better than its taste.

sao nam

Lunchie @ Penang Village. Two very simple dishes which somewhat looked rather “gourmet” when it is presented on this unique plate. Was surprised when our food was delivered. Fried rice with chicken and telor mata kerbau & fried hor fun. Was pretty ordinary in taste. If it was served at the hawker stalls, would probably say it wasn’t that good, and it wasn’t worth ordering again. But since it was served on a unique plate, brownie points for presentation. Wouldn’t go back and specifically order these  dishes again… not worth the trip and money. (was pretty pricey obviously)

penang village fried chicken rice penang village hor fun 

And the ever famous traditional Nyonya cuisine, pie tee or top hat. Somehow, tasted so different, with crabstick and cashew nut on this pretty glass plate. I would trade this anytime for the sloppy looking pie tee at the Nyonya place under the tree just outside my house in Malacca. It’s definitely not pretty, looks a lil disgusting actually, especially if the sauce is carelessly dribbled all over the plate, was it was oh-so-yummy!

penang village top hat

Even the kebab stall in Asia Cafe puts an effort in their food presentation. This tasted quite alright, but it’s rather cute that a stall here actually believed in the power of food presentation. 🙂

asia cafe kebab

Food presentation can make or break a dining experience (or break a restaurant, for that matter). It is probably the secret to culinary success. A lot of mediocre cuisine gets by because it’s presented on a pretty platter.

I guess it’s the same as humans. We humans tend to look on the outside, and fall in love with what we see. But just like our food, we tend to order what looked good on the menus, be impressed by what looked good on the plates. Only to realize much too late that it doesn’t taste as good as it looks, and we’ve tasted better. With food, if we screw up an order, it’s probably no biggie. The most, we have wasted some money and calories. But can we make the same screw ups with people? Especially our other half?

We still spend a bomb on mediocre tasting food, paying merely for ambience and the way its presented. How have we not learnt that “taste” matters more than its “presentation”?

An example I can think of it this hottie. No need for an introduction here. Am not saying that she is ugly on the inside ( I don’t know her personally), but through the unmerciful media, even if we ignore the “salt”, “pepper” and “spices” they added to the picture, it is still not a very pretty picture. of what she is on the inside.


Without much surprise, she was voted the worst celebrity role model.

paris hilton

Am not saying all pretty babes like her are all ugly on the inside. There are definitely a whole basketful of people who are attractive inside out, we just have to be lucky enough to find them. Have seen my fair share of good looking people who aren’t the nicest people around, and have heard horror stories about how people can fall out of love after discovering their  partners inner beauty, or the lack of it in these cases.

So what’s the real definition of beauty, really?

Some have even gone so far as to say that beauty is mathematical, no, not what you are thinking… not 36-24-36. There’s a proportion (approximately 1:1.618), known as the “Golden Ratio” (fans of The Da Vinci Code may recognize it) that can be used to compare an array of human proportions, like the width of the nose compared to the width of the mouth, to create a facial and body structure that is almost universally pleasing. To most of us, beauty probably meant slim+dollface+luscious mane for girls, and hunky+charming eyes/smile for the guys. But we all know ultimately, for the relationship long haul, these aren’t enough. We all need more. After the love goggles are removed, usually sometime 3 months down Loverville, we all want whats on the inside. We need different things from our partners now. No more just someone to look good with in the pictures and be the source of envy at parties. We need the laughter, we need the love and affection, we need the sense of belonging, we need the act of kindness, we need the compassion, we need the patience, we need the tolerance, we need the compromises, ultimately, we need our partners to be better looking on the inside now. 

Then comes the question of, how do you see someones inner beauty, if you are not attracted by their outer beauty first? Many will debate, (or defend their shallowness)  by saying they just did not have the chance to know someone well enough to discover their inner beauty. And its times like this that I wonder, is it that difficult to notice that someones nice on the inside? If you have not notice it in the first few dates, that persons probably don’t really have much to show.

Theres a saying – “beauty is skin deep”. I’m a true believer of that.  While we are always infatuated with physical appearance, ultimately, it is whats on the inside that’s fueling us for the long haul. I don’t have all the answers nor do I proclaim to be fault free. Whilst I’m trying to upkeep my physical appearance and be somewhat pleasant-looking, now, I’m also trying to slab on some ‘Lamer’ on my inner soul. Am also trying to feed it some “ginkgo”, “ginseng” and “bird nest” in hopes to be someone more beautiful inside. It takes time, and it’s never too late to start. Our inner beauty can flourish and grow, no one can quell it and no one can take it away.

Here’s someone who died almost exactly 10 years back, and is probably still the most beautiful person in the eyes of those whom she has helped. Someone who wouldn’t win Miss Universe.


When we are done with living on this earth, people ain’t gonna say “I’ll remember her forever cos she was damn hawt”

I would probably remember someone who helped me some way or rather, someone who gave sound advice to make me a better person, someone who pulled me out through sticky situations, someone who shared laughter with me, someone who offered a shoulder to cry on, someone who made me smile when my hearts aching… you get the idea now. I want to be that someone, for someone else.

Started this post with food, gonna end this with food as well. 

I’m totally fine with mediocre looking food, rather to have them excel in the taste department. Here’s some not very attractive looking food that taste way better than any of those pretty food at the beginning of this post.

Century Egg + pork rib porridge and Sang Ha Mien @ Pan Heong restaurant, Batu Caves. Wasn’t presented in a very appetizing way, but taste superbly YUMMY!

century pork porride pan heong sang ha mien pan heong

 And heres a very UGLY looking dish, thats tasted like “happiness”, one of my comfort food, one of my all time favourite food, found only in Malacca

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Yes, I’m a true fan of whats’ in the inside.


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