Sup Ekor … oh… Sup Ekor

Last Sat, Guinea Pig took  me to Wau Penyu @ Solaris Dutamas. Was a random choice, found some good recommendations from the blogosphere and thought we should give it a go. We weren’t disappointed. Food was delicious, ambience was apposite, we went home with yummy-in-our-tummies and happy-in-our-souls! Would definitely come back and try other dishes.

And yesterday night as I was posting up the yummy food pics on my FB album, something tugged my heart, as I stared at the picture of the Sup Ekor  we had. Took a short trip down memory lane.

Daddy dearest used to take me to this little Malay shack near my old house in Malacca, late at night to have some hot soup. Usually either Sup Ekor or Sup Kambing. I remembered being ecstatic just to be awake and out this late at night (I’m usually in bed by 8pm). Being with daddy (whom I see only once a week), sipping hot soup, updating him about my week, and the occasional bitching about mommy (hehe) was the highlight of my week.

Now, fast forward about 20 years, when situations took a 360, the smell and taste of this Sup Ekor, painted the picture of my past so vividly, as if it was just yesterday.


I guess everyone has a type of food that reminds you of a certain someone, or a certain occasion. Food, truly brings people together. Check out Wau Penyu’s menu. Take some time to zoom in and read their content. Through the various types of East Coast traditional cuisines, the owner is keeping the memories of his past alive. Granted he used this as a gimmick and concept for his business, but it’s nice to know these delicious dishes each have their own set of history and memories. Gives a new meaning to “eating our hearts out”



Things are very different with daddy now. There were some “emo” moments with him last week and it was rather timely that we had this Sup Ekor, Gives a bitter sweet taste to my  meal, but more importantly, reminded me to be thankful I still have him around, and I’m a grown up now.

It’s time to stand on my own two feet.

Food – it’s smell and taste. It’s amazing, how a single dish can emerge so much memories and emotions.

“The Remembrance of Things Past” by  Marcel Proust

When nothing else subsists from the past

After the people are dead

After the things are broken and scattered

The smell and taste of things remain poised a long time

Like souls.

Bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence

The immense edifice of memory


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