The Quirky Felines of No.48 – Part 1

Living with a bunch of ppl, is certainly a new experience for me. BUT… Living with a bunch of cats, brings “new experience” to another level. I was always more of a dog person. Had a total of 4 furkids throughout my 28 years and still thinks that they are truly THE best friend any gal could ever ask for. Kicks cold-hard Diamonds arse anytime! It’s hard not to have a soft spot for those sad puppy eyes (when I punished them), eager beaver look (whenever I picked up a toy or brings out their leash-they recognized it as a sign for a walk outdoors), the grateful look and licks (whenever I give out treats), the  mommy-dont-cry look (whenever I’m sad), and even the saliva facial (as a welcome-home). It’s really hard not to fall in love with them. I yearn to have another dog, and this time, vow to keep them with me until they die of old age. Guinea Pig – I’m patiently waiting for 2012!  🙂

So there.. I was more of a dog person, rather than a cat. Never really fancied cats much, they came across as haughty, high maintenance, stupid and evil (on TV, most villains have cats as a pet – yes, I’m that easily influenced). But after living around them for several months, I’m becoming rather fond of them… and here’s why.

Meet Fatty. He’s the Big Boss. He roams around freely in the house, and even into the rooms if doors are left ajar! There are times where you will find him in his cardboard box on the 2nd floor landing, sometimes under the sofas, on the dining table, and even here, claiming the kitchen cabinet his new bedroom. (he got really annoyed when I took a picture of him this morning, gave me a sharp meow)

fatty in kitchen

Fatty’s the quirkiest of all the felines in this house.

1) He used to stare at his reflection on the glass door every night. Guinea Pig’s theory is that he thinks it’s actually another cat, a hawt slutty female that visits him only at night, and he is trying to woo her to come into the house and well… you know…. for some pussy action? But things aren’t exactly going his way, and it’s frustrating him. Yet, almost every night he’ll faithfully sit by the corner and stare….. and stare… and stare.

2) Then… the wailing starts. Loud, soul piercing, unmelodious wails. Mostly at night, late nights, or early mornings. We conjure up another theory that probably Fatty is heartbroken that his attempts to get laid failed miserably.. he couldn’t even get a meow out of her. But, its been so long, months now…. he can’t still be hung up on someone he never had…. and he can’t be horny all the time. So… I Goggled.

Apparently, cats have 4 different meanings for “meow”. If you listen carefully, you can hear that each meow is different.

  • I’m hungry!
  • I want to go out!
  • Help!
  • I want attention!

So…. I listened to those online clips of examples of their meows, and none of those clips sounded anything like Fatty!!! So I hereby declare a 5th reason for Why-A-Cat-Meow

DEPRESSION – Cat Psychiatrist for hire? Anyone?

3) Fatty has another annoying quirk. He has a weird way of seeking attention, and affection. If you are reading the papers on the table, he’ll inch towards you (hoping for a stroke or two) and if you ignore his presence, he’ll just plonk himself smack right in the middle of your paper. It’s his way of saying – “Let’s see if you can ignore me now”

4) He’ll lie outside our bedroom and as we walk by, he’ll give dagger stares as if to say “It’s about time you guys leave the room and get a life”

5) Occasionally he’ll position himself right in the middle of the stairs, making it a little tricky for us to walk down, and I guess that is his yet another attempt to fish for a pity stroke. Or, he probably takes joy in seeing us tip toe-ing around him, especially if we are carrying plates or bags of stuff. He probably consoles himself and thinks “It’s OK if no one loves me anymore, I’m still the king of the house…. muaahhahaahahahah (evil villain laugh)”

Wow…. just realized that I have so much to ramble…. just on Fatty alone… there are a few more colourful characters….. theres Kitty is failure-to-launch cat, theres Gollum the suicidal cat, theres Brownie the pole-dancing cat, theres Kitty’s Mom, the alley slut, and a few others, I’ve yet to grow more attached to… its just a matter of time. I guess that’s for another day. (Scrolling up and adding the words “Part 1″ to this Post Title”

The Guinea Pigs up, time for a nice hearty lunch!

Till then… Hope my happy dusts are spreading out like dandelions to everyone…. TA!


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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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