Blogging Mojo’s Back!

Its been almost 8 months….. since the last post. 

I guess this is going to be a rather long post, perhaps… to make up for the 8 months of absence. 

So much has changed… It’s like I’ve ventured into the Enchanted Forest, climbed the Faraway Tree, snucked up the ladder, waited for the magic cloud to come by and entered Land of Topsy-Turvy. (Enid Blyton fans would be able to relate to this). And as always, once you are in a magical land, life is full of adventure, full of surprises, but the best of all, you’ll always exit wanting more. 

That’s exactly what I’ve been through these past 8 months. Massive Topsy-Turvyness!!! Tons of ups and downs, new and old, good and bad… oh you get the picture. 

Now… I rather not dwell into the past and would prefer to flip….. and start a new chapter. So here goes! 

Chapter 1: Of New Beginnings 

“Where everything is dark and full of uncertainties, there can be light….” 

It was supposed to be just dinner. And maybe drinks. And maybe more drinks. And maybe …. (nope.. that was it  :P). Yes.. it was supposed to be a casual dinner, which turned into the longest date ever. 

From dusk to dawn. 

So dinner went well, we clicked (we always knew we have, after our major SMS addiction). There was dim lights, corner booth, decent food, a bottle of red…. he was by the book.. so far. 

Then…. there was a surprise after dinner! Wasn’t just drinks as I’ve expected…. Keeping an open mind, I played along….  🙂 

His GPS bitch guided us to a dark, secluded industrial area. Wild thoughts crept in as we drove further into the dark. What was his plan? Will I be safe? Have I misjudged him for being this nice honest guy? 

Up to a point, all I had was “Fark, he wants to make out…. in the dark, in the car, like back in those days when we were 16!??!!??!!” 

Argh.. I blamed my slutty white gold sequinned dress!!! 

Then a sea of bright lights popped out of nowhere as we exited the industrial area. (It could easily be one of the magical lands above Faraway Tree! )  

I was dumbfounded. He said my eyes gleamed of joy, and he felt it was all worth it. 


From here on… I became an A___holic.   🙂 

Yes.. an addict.. but a thankful & proud addict. 

He’s the one…. 

The one who is always holding my hand 

The one who offers a shoulder to cry on 

The one who patiently teaches me about things in life I never knew 

The one who hugs me every so tightly to stop my tears 

The one who introduces me to believe and trust in God 

The one who feels joy at the sound of my laughter 

The one who still hung around after me inflicting him pain  

The one who encourages and sees me be a better person day by day 

and most importantly 

The one who promises to be a better person himself because he loves me too 


It’s probably still too early to flaunt him, but as I’m so used to pouring all my skeletons in here, it’s hard not to want to write about him. I would probably have nothing much to write about. (Yes, my world do revolve around my man). Plus in the past months, without him, I wouldn’t be what I am today. So yes, am still gonna ramble/bitch a lot about him, but there will also be the occasional updates of food, friends, party, work … etc. 

So let’s try to keep him a mystery for now, will hereby start referring to him as Guinea Pig. (Why Guinea Pig, thats a story for another day) 



About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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  1. Berry says:

    Very nice sharing.. hope to see more 🙂 muaks

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