Random thoughts

Been doing a lot of … erm… writing theraphy lately. Just expressing random thoughts, typing away like a nutcase with no particular objective. Its kinda weird actually why I like to do it, but somehow it brings some sort of relieve, perhaps im just a coward who cant seem to express certain thoughts verbally, hence venting them virtually here… hmm…. guess that must be it.

 (click X now if you are stiffling a yawn!)

Feel like ranting so much bout sale sale sale. Everything seem to be on sale now. Went to a booksale during the weekend in Amcorp, spent almost RM200 on books I may or may not read. Hrmph…. and thinking back, it was a very frustrating experience. As the crowd was way too wild, ppl grabbing books rudely, even once away from my hands before i actually put it down. Imagine this, me irritated, by the crowd, the dust, squinting to read every single title & author on the cover, held up a book for 2 seconds to get a closer look, before putting it down, some idiot jerk it off my hand!! I barely have time to tell him off, he took it and dissapeared in the crowd. DAMMIT! And another thing i hate bout that particular book sale was, it TEASE me too much!!!! Its like having foreplays and never a ‘happy ending’. I kept stumbling upon authurs im looking for, ie: john grisham, jeffrey archers, michael connelly, etc. However, they are always titles that i already have, or the were the same one as i have in my box. So there I was, lugging around a box of crap (that I took out of frustration since I cant seem to find what I want), I kept glimpsing names of those authurs. I found out there was a Geoffrey Archers, a John Connelly! Im like WTF! Seriously… super long foreplay is no fun at all! It got so frustrating at one point I just gave up, but trying to walk out of that aisle was another nightmare!! Tease after tease, came the ulimate erm.. flick? 😛 . I saw 2 box full of books I wanted!!!!! Doved in to grab it, and got screamed off by a lil gal guarding it.. apparently was for her family. Then her bro came and politely say it was all their. ARGH… JUST MY LUCK! On a reflex instinct, tried to flirt by battling some lashes (sans mascara.. argh), and asked sweetly where can I get those Allan Folsom books… guess me in sweaty gym outfit without make up did not work a lil bit at all… he simple said “I dont know.. everywhere lah’… FARK…

Anyways.. i left there rather unhappy but still manage to grab a couple of books i may read.

Ok.. back to work… ktxbye


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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