The new toys

Sept ended finally. And Oct is treating me so good!!! Within the 1st 3 days itself I’ve got 2 new toys!! Yippedy yay!!! 🙂

1) Spanking new DiGicam. Canon Digital Ixus 100IS

Love love love love it!!!  Light, sleek, clear pics, what else can a gurl ask for. 🙂

Some may not understand my obsession for taking pictures. But its just something that lights up my moments especially if its a group outing. And the joy of viewing those pics again after a long time, priceless. My philosophy has always been, every moment is worth capturing, regarless happy or sad ones. Going out without a digicam sometimes is almost painful. Especially in the midst of all those joy and laughter, i’ll always think to myself.. DAMN.. this is one moment I would love to remember. Then i’ll whip out my phone and settle down for the sucky quality. Yeah… pathetic. But lifes back to normal now.. tee hee… camwhore heaven here I come!!!~~!!~~!!~~!!

*to that special someone, thanks.. and yes, will make sure this last more than a year. 🙂


What is it? I am tired of explaining it again and again. So check it out here!

Comes in various designs, here are just some of them


 Here’s my very own Poken. Those of you out there who owns one, let me know, we can meet up at ‘high 4’. 🙂


Its still too early to say that this Oct will be the perfect month for 2009, not sure if it can top February, my all time favourite month…. but im sure it will come damn close. Heading of to Club Med Phuket for Sayang’s bday trip, hope its gonna be a damn good one. And theres the Halloween Party, hope its not just overated but is actually good. Argh.. still need to get a costume!!!!! And theres few birthday boys in Oct… wonder what to get him.. Hmmmm… ;P


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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2 Responses to The new toys

  1. vialentino says:

    nice new camera…..can take lots of pics already!

  2. maywong says:


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