Little Nyonya

I miss you…

Yes I do…

My trusty old blog. Felt bad for ignoring it for so many months, and each time i revisit it i feel as if its here waiting faithfully for me to return and ponder my thoughts and adventures on it again.

So here I am… after a long wait.

Not much has changed since the last post.. works.. well work is the usual.. social life has picked up, been drinking and partying more. Golf, on the other hand is getting from bad to worst. Was sick last month, stopped for 2 weeks, then it was the haze, then it was the h1n1 fiasco, and i went to the range last week, I sucked.. big time. Went to the range again last 2 days.. still sucked big time. No motivation to continue training.. sigh.. so what should I do in situations lik this? Any si fus here would like to chip in their 2 cents?

Would like to dedicate this blog to Little Nyonya. No.. not the chicks, im no lesbo. The drama series.


My mom was watching it last few months, and even asked if i wanted to loan it from her, but she described it as a sad & soppy so OBVIOUSLY I replied – No Thanks.

Months later a dear friend later brought up Little Nyonya again and how I should watch it. Blame it on the right timing & intoxication, I said yes, bring it on.

Thats it, Im hooked.

1st day watching, I cry a river, no an ocean! Used up all the tissues i can find, resorted to toilet rolls! Shame on me.. but I even missed an important appointment with friends cos I’m all cried out! Swollen eyes, puffy nose and trobbing head.

Thats when Ive decided Ive gotta watch as fast as I can. Finished it within the next 2 days.. pheww.. the relieve!

Definately recommends this to anyone who dont believe in bumming on the bed glued to the screen!!!

What struck me most about watching this very touching series is how the women those days suffer in silence. JuXiang, the sweet unfortunate little nyonya who was deaf & dumb definately has no choice but to suffer in silence. But what about all the other women? Have they gone dumb too when it comes to professing their emotions? Jeez. Take JuXiangs mom for example. Was a maid in this rich peranakan family, raped & impregnant by the master, kept as a 2nd wife/free maid in the mansion, tortured emotionally daily by the 1st wife yet has never uttered a word to anyone else. This is insane!!!! And after watching 3 episodes (while crying my eyes out), I put myself in their shoes, what will I do? Definately bitch about them all around town, or if its a taboo to betray the family you ‘serve’, i will poison them silently, not to kill them, but at least every night they wont be able to sleep peacefully, be busy visiting the loo! hahaahahahha


Also, its just so frustrating to see how some can zip their mouth while seeing others being tortured. Jeez… I guess thats one of the phenomenon that is still happening today. Its called MYOB these days. Mind your own business. If someone sees a motorist robbing a poor old lady, some idiot would probably rush for his handphone, not to call 999, but to take a pic to brag about it later. So seem like we have not change much after all. 🙂

But one thing im really glad we’ve change (we = females), is how we are standing up for ourselves now and how we won’t devote our life to serve men. Its just annoying to see full grown woman (some really smart) are subjected to practically obey everything the husband says. This is just insane. Whats even more insane is how woman can fight & betray another woman to get a man. Not just a man.. a good for nothing man. As a galpal said.. back boneless man! Im glad im born in this century, where we woman dont do nonsence like that anymore. We all understand the concept of ‘theres other fishes in the sea’ or even ‘ theres bigger fish to fry!!!’

Cravings for nyonya food & kuihs kicked in, after bitching and bitching for a few days, Sayang got fed up and took me to this little new nyonya restaurant in Taipan. 🙂 


The setting was very carefully thought through. A replica of the peranakan house. How cute!


Screen shots of their menu

030920091123 030920091124
030920091125 030920091126

Heres what we ordered

Ayam Pong Teh (Halal place, no babi. sigh)


My ever favourite vege.. kangkung




Sambal belacan

Lemak Prawns with pineapples


Had a very hearty dinner.. YUMS!!!!!!!


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