It’s been… erm.. 2 months since my last post! DAMN!!! I really suck at blogging. Shame on me. Loads to blog about actually… tons of exciting stuff (exciting to me at least) happened… and YES! I will blog about it… Starting Now.

Let’s start with what Im feeling now… Shitty. Yeah.. pretty shitty. Mostly work related, some are caused by other factors, but yeah.. mostly its work. Works shitty.. yeah.. stinky and sucky (so dun try eating shit) <- lame o…. but thats how Im feeling now.. Lame… Lame… Shame… Mane… ish what the hell am I typing..

OK… i gotta learn this blogging thing all over again…. focus.. focus… focus..

Work.. why it sucks… more things to do… more responsibility… more ‘exposure’… this does NOT MEAN MORE MONEY!!!!!! nor does it mean more TIME!!!!!

Also… theres an issue of annoying ppl around. People just love to flock around my area for some reason.. ppl who dun belong! And it is so annoying… It annoys me.. I dont know why… maybe its stress mainly… making it much worst. Seeing annoying ppl right infront of me makes me feel crabby, especially when im trying to rush for some ‘life and death’ assignments this annoying bugger is there talking crap bugging the hell out of everyone.

OKAY… enough venting about work!!! Whats next..

Well my head hurts more lately… from all the focus im putting staring hard on the screen hoping that the paper im doing will miraculously be done. Wait…. screeeeeccchh… this is about work again! ARGH!! STOP! ITS MADNESS…


OK.. FOCUS.. something else now pls…

Vacations! YAY!!!! Thats the only thing that drags me through the week. Knowing that im gonna be chilling out somewhere happy giveme the motivation to wake up for work everyday! But not anymore… after 4 beach vacations this year… (in half a year)… I gotta stop. Saving up money for Shanghai + beijing 2 weeks break next year. 😦  I hate being poor! Hate having to slave at work and do crap for little money thats going into the vacation fun. Work Sucks! Argh… somehow i cant stop crapping about work here.. what the f is wrong… FINE! Im stopping… BYE


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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One Response to Need….Motivation….NOW

  1. Donny Ang says:

    Well… thats life… We somehow can’t escape from it no matter what. I guess we just have to be grateful of the things we received as a blessing in disguise because I’m sure there are other people having a much more worst life then ours.

    “Just take life one step at a time.”

    You can’t force it nor push it down to move forward. Just do what you can and enjoy the moments that comes to your life.

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