Ironies of life…

Saw an old man walking down the street last 2 nights, it was about 11pm. We were driving back home, it was right at the exit of a highway. There were no residential area close by, within 2km from where we were. As I saw the old pakcik, I wonder, where is he heading? Why is he alone late night? He was very dressed down in a old shirt, slacks and slippers. Was also carrying a little cloth bag. For a while, I had a thought of asking sayang to stop and give him a ride. Then suddenly, another thought came up, asking me what if he is dangerous, what if he is a con man, then start crying and be pathetic and asking us for money? What if where he is going will lead us to a band of theives? There was so many negative “what if’s”. By the time I am done with my thoughts, we were turning into another junction. Am I too cynical? Is the society and the high unrest cases driving me to become such a untrusting person? We were taught from young to ‘tolong menolong dan saling bantu membantu” But as we grow old, the horror stories we read everyday on the daily papers shows us the exact opposite.

– Of how kind souls were conned

– Of how anyone with a pussy got raped regardless how young or how old

– Of how people get hurt from getting mugged,  for just a couple of bucks, a handphone or a wallet?

– Of how kind people stop and help someone who looked like they had an accident got kidnapped and extorted all their savings

– Of how little kids got kidnapped, and till now some cases cant be solved

The list is endless, read the papers regularly and you can add on to this list yourselves. My point is, does anyone still stops by the road side to pick up someone by the road side, and honestly tell me they are not afraid of their own safety in return?

Ironic aint it… life? What we learned as a kid, simply cannot be practice as an adult. And I got a bloody A for Pendidikan Moral in SPM…..


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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