May Steward

 Would like to call this dish Cheesy Penne.

Its a really really simple dish actually (main reason why I wanted to try this dish)

Saute up some frankfrutters and sliced button mushroom in butter

The the secret ingredient is actually…

BAKED BEANS!!!!!~~!!!~~!!!

Mixed them up with cooked penne and the fried sausages and mushroom, and pile on the cheese!!!! The more the better!!

Pop them in the oven.. 200’c for 10 minutes or until the cheese if brown. (FInally, this oven is no more a virgin.. )

Tadaaaaaaaaaa…… i think the cheese is a lil too brown… sigh…

Mix them up, sprinkle a lil oregano and mixed herbs… and DIG IN!!~~!!~~!!

Isn’t this dish just so bloody simple? I bet anyone can do this, and even improvise it. Probably cook it with tuna? or even seafood? Shrimp penne… YUM!!~~!!

Orange smoothy… (i think its even simpler than my dish!)

Peel 2 oranges (DUH)

Even peel away the transparent ‘skin’

pile them up in the blender with crushed ice, blend blend blend blend blend….

Nah…. damn senang right!! But its yummy….

This saturday, im gonna bake my 1st cake! Let’s see how it goes.. 😛


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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2 Responses to May Steward

  1. ::Nicole:: says:

    u have a stove???!! i don’t even have a microwave YET.. oh oh.. i don’t have a water filter also! sigh… i just don’t know which brand to buy =.=”

    and speaking of blenders, i’ve yet to use it.. LOL!

  2. Donny Ang says:

    Hey may,

    I tried cooking this dish for my nephew today. Guess what? My nephew rahul loves it.

    I actually replace the penne with the bow ties pasta. Nethertheless, he still love it.

    plus my sis in law and her sister also love it.

    Just wanted to tell you about it.

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