It’s been a while.. :)

So I’ve kinda forgotten about my blog.. πŸ˜›


Stupid haze is back… suffocating all of us slowing, making me tear up almost each time Im outside for too long.. argh..

Oh, went for the Sunrise Jazz… great stuff… had a lil fun.. lotsa booze, and one hell of a Fri Night. :

Another highlight for the past 2 weeks.. was the CHEALSE VS MSIA gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!~~~~!!!!

Thanks to Vijay for the tickets, glad we got really good seats eh.. *wink *wink

There was just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people there.. was crazy!!!!!~~!!!~~!!!! Luckily, I was in an alright mood, so brave thru the sea of sweaty men, and enjoyed the match.

I pretty much had no idea what was going on most of the time, But I patiently sat thru the match, eating my kuaci (yes I snuck in food) and try to see those tiny blue smurfs running around chasing a ball (which looks like a guli where we sat).

Final score was Chealsea 2, Msia 0.

Outside, with a burst of fresh air..Β I began camwhoring..

Yea.. smurfies kinda suck.. but i do like blue colour… but there were no cute guys, and no one took off their shirt.. nothing to shout about.. sighhhh

Moi, the only female player… Im a smurfett!!! WoohooOO!!!!

Some Food talk.. May’s food that it.

1st batch was so yucky. The yam was all soft and soggy after cooking in the rice pot, didnt even bother to take a pic of it.

2nd batch was this… Looks alright, but didnt taste that nice. Lack of someting, which I cant nail down on what.

Ingredients are: Diced Yam, chopped french beans, garlic, ‘he bi’ (small dried prawns), rice and dark soya sauce. I used brown rice.. (well cos im on this sucky diet.. 😦 )

As for the BKT, SO simple…

Dump a packet of BKT herbs, black mushrooms, straw mushrooms, fu chuk, bak kut and some red dates.

Somehow.. didnt taste like Klang BKT at all.. sighhh

Had a satisfying meal anyways, was so hungry cooking.


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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4 Responses to It’s been a while.. :)

  1. sheryl says:

    wei char bor, ok mah the yam rice. Hehehe….aiya if want to sedap kau kau mia, must use white rice next time. hehehe….ok lar, after yr wedding perhaps? πŸ˜‰

  2. Pinkelle says:

    Wow, another PS?! πŸ™‚ When is it?

    Do you mind if I ask whether you rented your gown from PIW? How much do they charge for rental, do you know? Got a friend who’s interested in that and I’m still looking for an evening gown.


  3. MayWong says:

    sheryl… look sedap but taste tak sedap.. hehehhehehe.. yea yea.. will try again with noral white rise.. hehehe

    pinkelle: PIW gowns ar.. mine was sponsored by them wor…. hehe. but their pacakge ranges from RM600 per gown to few K for packages. Best is to visit their website and find out the exact price. Evening gowns very limited there dear…

  4. Pinkelle says:

    Thanks May! Wow…how did you manage to get PIW to sponsor your gowns?! Lucky girl!! πŸ™‚

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