Never look back…

In a desperate search of some baby pics of mine, somehow browse through some not so baby pics that weren’t very pleasant. I was a fugly little kid. Pimply, scawny, goofy smile and SHORT. I’m still short, but as I’ve grown, and as I’ve earned my own money, I embraced technology and stock myself up with lotsa 4 inches heels. MINIMUM! God, pls dont give me knee problems anytime soon aight?!

Ok.. Never look back…

Also, found pics with ex bf’s and err… non bf’s? No need to define, but lotsa other pics. Cringed when I saw some of them.. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

OK… Never look back…

Stashed along with these junk pics, are also pics with some people so called friends, who some just drifted away, some hung around but I shy-ed away to avoid more toxic and betrayal, and some simply.. there, but rarely in contact. Hrmph… makes me wonder does growing up means we have less capacity in our lifes and heart for other ppl?

OK.. Never look back… just need to make a point to keep in touch with those of worthy and may they accept me back to their lifes….

What else did I find? 🙂

Something that I will share when I’m ready…..

Ok.. moving forward

I am so looking forward to this weekend. MOS tonight baby! And Avillion PD for a relaxing weekend. WOOHOOOOOOOO…

Just gotta remember not to play in the sun. Photoshoot on Tuesday, cant afford to get tan or I will look more and more like an Indon.. (famous comments from ppl who Ive just met… hrmph.. i do wonder…)

Also, got myself a new toy. Decent kinda toy…

An Iron Curler… check out pics of my newly DIY-ed hair next…

It’s almost the end of Friday work hours, yippeeeeeeeeee…. Happy Hour and MOS!!~~!!~~!!~~!! Slurps!!!


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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4 Responses to Never look back…

  1. Donny says:

    ooo…. I love this post.. very witty and funny. I wonder am I one of those toxic people you’ve mentioned… 😀

    I have something where you can learn to make good nice hair curls with that curler… leave the comment and I’ll go look it up for you…

  2. Rand says:

    I like the constant repetitive;

    “OK… Never look back…”

    lines… hehe!

  3. maywong says:

    yea.. its true..

    never look back… heheheheh

    oh? where? my curls cant last… hair is stick straight…

  4. Donny Ang says:

    Hey mei ching

    then watch this video.

    the reason your curls don’t last is because you need to allow it too cool down first and then spray them with hair spray to hold them down.

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