Friday The 13th Party

Did anyone of you not notice that last Friday was a 13th? How could you not notice? It’s a superb reason to PARTAY PARTAY!!~~!!~~!!

So, in conjunction with the Friday 13th Party, we, me and the Batangs, had a theme. Black, Gothic & anything scary!

And… we have costumes, decor, theme, music… we gotta have scary food too right? Who else to give better advice on scary food? I have just the right person. I SMS KY and asked for advice on how to cook worms and crickets. And most importantly, how to kill them? It’s freaking me and sayang out thinking that we have to whack them one by one or cook them alive? Wont they jump out? So, gotta ask KY, just gotta. Why him? That devil actually did a little cookout session with his friends, cooking worms and crickets. Check it out here.

So here’s our SMS conversation

Me: How to I kill them? Scary man

KY: Put them in the freezer

Me: Huh.. how long?? I have not enough time..

KY: 10 minutes would do la..

Me: Oh.. phew.. great.. thanks

KY: Good luck!

2 hours later, back home, I took out the ‘ingredients’, and….. THEY WERE DEAD. NOT MOVING AT ALL..

Apparently the heat in the car killed/suffocate them anyway… oh well… prob solved. Just so you know KY, can kill them by freezing, or suffocating them with the heat in the car!

So after cleaning and washing them, I boil them too, just to kill whatsoever germs…

And here are the ingredients I bought to inject some taste into my cooking. Dah la my cooking sux… with weird ingredients, not sure how it will turn out. Took the short cut and bought those perencah belancan and ayam.

Fry up some garlic and dried chilli, and dump those protein stuff in…

*Caution: Once the worms shell is hardened, be careful! It POPS!~!~!. Ouch… I feel like them worms are taking their revenge on my skin!!!

End product? Tadahhhhhhh…. deep fried worms… Garnished with stripes of cucumber… Suppose to make it look more disgusting with greenish stuff, but I somehow feel it looked more ‘appetizing”. No? 😛

And Deep fried cricket with belachan. This dish actually tasted good!.

We sprinkled the good ingredients on real food, the pizzas especially.

Blur case Mannix actually ate them, thinking they were anchovies! Found out only the next morning! Muahahahahahahaha….

So foods all good… really really good. Nutritious and… delicious? I hope… 😛

Everyone was suppose to wear black. Some of us, took a step further and really dressed up to the mood. But I’m  so glad to announce that everyone dressed in black so no one was punished. Actually worked out a punishment for those who just cant obey the dress code. Whisky + worms + crickets!

I… came as the…





GOTHIC BRIDE!!!!!!! Specially hunted for a black veil, which I can safely declare does not exist. So, went to buy a white one, and sprayed it black instead.

We had loads of fun camwhoring…. Ed was basically the Killer in black. As he didnt come as any monster or vampire, we thought he was simply just a guy in black. Then as we start camwhoring, safe to say that, Ed is playing the charactor if killer in black.

Ed’s trying to bite/suck off my tail!

Charlie’s Angels?

Edwards Devils!

Our fav shot…

And the soft porn shot, Hot Flo & the Devil in me….

Camwhoring continues with various mask and various poses. Just too many to post up. Check out my facebook.

Had loads of fun with Daily Lifestyle photographers. Check it out on their next coming issue!!~~!!~~!!

Next party???

RETRO THEME!!!~~!!!~~!!!


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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4 Responses to Friday The 13th Party

  1. donnyang says:

    omg… I love the black veil… damn nice… nice party man…. 🙂

  2. vialentino says:

    chun chun party and nice exotic food….basket…sorry dat i couldn’t make it for this….

  3. lol.. Mannix really blur ler..
    the mealworms didn’t looks like anchovies at all.. XD haha

  4. maywong says:

    guess it was really dark.. and maybe he was hungwee… hahahahahah

    plus the worms were crunchy and yummy.. 😛

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