Me, the sucky blogger

I’m in Penang again- FOR WORK… so it’s blogging day again as im stuck in a hotel with time to kill!!~~!!

Dum dee dum dum dum…

How do you know you are a bad blogger?

When you get engross chatting and eating till you forget to take pictures! This again, happened for the umpteenth time! Argh

Went with some gal buddies to this nice Korean restaurant in TTDI Plaza. Food was great, lotsa varieties, ambience was good and all… but DAMN… forgot to take pics of most of the food, and not even one of us gals in the restaurant. Was thinking to myself, if only Lucia was here, this wouldn’t happened. She always remembers to take pics! Sigh…

Thats what you get when you are not a dedicated blogger and some of your friends aren’t camwhores. Oh well… I’m a sucky blogger… who cares..

Moving on now…

Since  theres the petrol hike. Looks like we got to really cut back on most expenses and trim in places we can. But we are already very mindful of what we spend, so how else can be thrift on?

– Shop less, re-use old clothes. If you are bored with them, cut them, sew them, dye them, do anything to make them look different. Let’s just hope you will still wear them after the DIY session. 😛

– Drink water instead of coffee. Maybe drop 3 drops of your colleagues coffee into  your water to physcho yourself with that little coffee aroma, close your eyes and down it! (why do I care, I dont take coffee 😛 )

– Stay home instead of going out. Dress like a waitress and serve your family for the “dining” experience. Or, get your ma to role play as a waiter. And you as that arrogant rich bitch who gets to boss him around. Wait, this sounds…. ehem.. 😛

– Watch DVD instead of going to the cinema. Re-watch all your old DVDs. Hijack from your friends, family, neighbour, etc. Nothing to watch? Make your own DIY movie and watch em!

– Eat less. Share food with  your man, bf, family, anyone. Good diet tip too. Chew more so you feel like you ate more.

– Dont drive. Car pool, take our sucky public transport or buy a bicycle from me!

– Use the toilet only when you really need to. Save water!

– Dont on the aircond unless you really need to. If its too hot till you sweat, smile and think “free sauna”. Save electricity!

– Dont club anymore. Have house parties. Like the one we are having this Friday the 13th! Yoooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!~~~~~!!!!!!~~~!!!!!!

There is lotsa more tips I can think of, but my buddy Ms WWH just gave out some really juicy info and I’m more interested in her news! I know, I’m a sucky blogger. I know. KTXBye!


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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One Response to Me, the sucky blogger

  1. Lulu says:

    Camwhore! Hehehe, yeah too bad I missed the party last Friday nite. ISHQ…

    I think we should eat less from now onwards. Start sharing our food.. hehehe.. or embark on a hunger strike.. *wheeeee*

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