I’m joining the hype of bitching bout the sad situation our country is in. No intention of influencing anyone, or creating any riots, or defaming anyone…

To the UMNO, BN, PM, PDRM, ISA, CIA, NSA, or ICA or whatever you are, pls dont sue me. I admit you are very the best! I’m a good citizen. I voted. I promise.

 OK. I think I can start now that I have establish my ‘support’

So, let’s see. Everyone in office is talking about petrol hike. Colleagues making jokes, some were seriously grumbling, obvious that everyone was clearly effected. About 6pm yesterday sms-es came in announcing this and telling me to avoid petrol stations. There were flash floods everywhere and petrol stations and jam packaed. Well, we can the most save RM50, for the next week till the rest of our lives here, its additional RM50 and growing. So, why bother…. Here’s the funniest. Lou tau called and said this

Lou tau: Petrol price increase you know ar?

Me: yes… stupid la.

Lou tau: Faster go petrol station and fill up the tank. Very expensive now

Me: Very jam la.. raining.. flood somemore..

Lou tau: Aiyoh, …. how to pump petrol now?


OKkkkkkkkkkk….. petrol hike, not demolishing all petrol stations…. chill lah….


I kinda dont care, cos i dont drive. And I’m like, so what? They have been increasing steadily all the time. People bitch for it for a while, and then what? We are still forced to fork our the cash and shove it to the petrol stations. It is not like we can all boycott and stop pumping petrol? It’s not like I can start taking public transport? They are smelly, stuffy and disgusting. (last i’ve been on one). I should cycle to work then. Relatively near. Only probably 2 hours to cycle… good excercise too. OK, am kidding. I don’t really care, dont get what the fuss is about.

But then once I gather bits & pieces from everyone, it dawn on me that this involves the whole nation, regardless we drive or not. Once petrol increases, everything else will… so… boohoo.. cry your hearts our Malaysians… its a sucky life…..

Why broken promises? Before the election, just few months back,  PM himself said that there will be no more petrol hike, until August! Yippee… happily trusting simple minded citizens went to pangkah to his favour. Now? Eat your hearts out chums! Your hero has broken a promise that is creating a huge uncertainty nationwide. Suddenly it is 2 months in advance, and at such vast rate? If he can break one promise, what else can he swallow back? And have they even considered the domino effect that this will be creating? Sooner or later, prices of food will increase, staionaries la, condoms la, clothes la… everything will increase.

Salary to increase? FAT CHANCE!

The best thing is, read this from a friend’s blog. Check out a comparison with other oil producing countries. So why are we comparing with neighbouring countries again?

UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

And she also wrote that Petronas makes RM80 bil????????  Read her full article here ->


I’m hereby announcing that I will be opening a bicycle shop in USJ, send me an email.

 I will give you a damn good rate, I promise.

No price hike, I promise.

Malaysia will be a better place. I promise.

Once you buy my bicycle you will lead a better life. I promise.

Cycle for 5 mins and lose 10 pounds. I promise.

I’m learning from only the best in Malaysia. 🙂


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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3 Responses to BROKEN PROMISES

  1. jen says:

    ALRIGHT. i’ll definately buy a bike from you. 😛 haha

  2. maywong says:

    Yippeee… my 1st customer!!~~!!~~!!

    You get 90% discount… I promise! 😛

  3. auliyanur says:

    hey ppl dont be too depressed..its pretty much the same here in pakistan..RM3.56 per litre..theres a lotta business opportunity for you May …lol

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