Who’s the Bastard?

This is the most inhuman and horrifying stories I’ve ever heard.

It’s hateful and sad to hear stories about those who were kidnapped, raped, gang raped, sodomized, etc…

But reading and knowing about this case shocked me to the core, a human being can be so sadistic and inhuman.

This 73 year old pervert, Josef Fritzl had locked up his 18 year old daughter for 24 years in a underground dungeon that he built. This bastered fathered seven more children after locking up and repeatedly raping his daughter Elisabeth. How can anyone do something like this, especially to your own child. How can he sleep at night knowing his daughter is sleeping in a cold dungeon. Damn… he is probably not even thinking how was her sleeping condition, just thinking he need to keep her alive to F*CK more. Bloody bastard! Ma HASH BROWN! Argh… its frustrating to hear things like this. Situations as such make me wish im living in those olden days, medieval times or whatever where they tie criminals to a tree or pole in public so that the rest and torment him and leash our their frustration. I do wish that he is chained up somewhere near and I will go and cut his body all over with a knife and see him bleed. Also, would wish to chop his penis off… but not with one swift action but more like tearing the ligamen up. And maybe get a horse or a bull to sodomize him. Its horrifying that this torture went on for 24 freaking years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get sad and mad when hear of girls getting raped, but their ordeal, is over way before 24 years. Not that Im saying its not hurtful, it’s life changing and kills you inside.. but being raped by your own father for 24 freaking years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m suprise she is still sane, and can take care of the other children. For me, I would kill myself before letting this kill me inside…

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