Wednesday night, instead of clubbing, mambo night at zouk… guess where was I? 



Was at a house party with the batangssssssss!!~~!!~~!! yeah yeah.. must buy lottery this time…. I’m actually giving up Mambo Night for a chill out session at home. Dont know why, just dont ask. Somehow dont feel like it. Call me auntie or whatever, but that mellow spell has attacked. Bad? 

So Batangs Night has been quite a regular thingy lately. I know, sounds kinda vulgar eh, B A T A N G. 

But it is true, all guys, with the extra piece of equiptment… it figures eh…. eh friend commented I am so unlady like, saying words like Batangs, and other worse curse words. Another friend actually taught me a new term. Instead of Ma Chee Bye funk it to Ma Hash Brown. Dont ask why, but thats what he said… and I think it sounds kinda comical. 

Back to Red Party.. why the title? Batangs Night has been just a gathering… never see it as a ‘party’ per se. Well… but Im not giving up Mambo for just a ‘gathering’, so planned a party like theme this time. 

And we ding dong-ed for a while, Black theme? Red? White? Finally decided on RED RED! Which I think is super super duperly cool! Got over excited and bought some red stuff for this party 

New hair band and earrings 


and a huge arse red bag. Talking about being gung ho eh… 


And we had some red healthy snacks too… 😛 

Had some watermelon BALLS for the batangs, little tomato balls for little batangs. 


Those who didnt, we punished them by drinking nic whisky from a baby’s bottle. Yummy right guys? Seeing that you cant tell red colour from others, guess its back to the basic by sucking on the teat guys… muahahahahahaha (evil laugh) 😛 

Yong gobble it up without must hesitation. YOU ROCK! 


This UNCLE here was shy about it. Talking about an ego blow eh… Had to persuade him so hard to take a ‘suck’. And he had to be all un-sporting about it. Duh…. UNCLE! 


Keng too need a bit of persuading. BUT to his defence, he wasnt told of the theme. Zaien conveniently ‘forgot’ to inform him! 😛 


I know! Zaien was wearing red.. yet… he VOLUNTEERED to drink from the bottle too. Talking about being a ‘sucker’ eh.. 😛   


 More pictures in my facebook….  

This weekend shall be a pretty quiet one, more of a chilling out and spending time with family. Mothers DAY! (not that im celebrating.. ) 😛


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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