Welcoming May

So the short break was finally over. Pretty refreshing I would say. But thought that next day labour day should be at least 3 days. So we dont have to eat up our leave days. Whats the point of teasing us labourers is Labor Day is just a bloody short day. NOT very rewarding right? Mogok Mogok!!~~!!


I started the Month of May by doing lotsa eating. Come to think of it, I do pretty much the same thing as every other weekend. Sleep, Eat, Drinnk (SED) <- not sad! 😛

I have an annoying habit. When it comes to me cooking, I tend to experiment a lot. And when I’m not sure whats wrong with the taste, I tend to add in anything my gut feel tells me to. Could be vareity of sauces, salt, pepper, or even stuff i can find like eggs and tofu. I know, sounds gross. If Im lucky, can turn out pretty good. Sometimes, pretty sucky. But my poor sayang will still swallow everything and say it taste alright. 🙂

So few days back history repeats itself again. Was suppose to make corn & pork soup. Somehow, itchy backside and feeling adventurous, I wanted to turn the dish into something else. So I tried kung fu style yee mee, but with pork and corn. Cook cook cook… felt it taste bland, so threw  in some vege. Then still somethings not right, threw in tau fu pok and white to fu. Stir stir stir a bit more, felt it dont look like kung fu chow, so break in an egg. Then add all kinds of sauces, and ta daaaa…. one of the suckiest kung fu chow yee mee i have ever tasted. As expected and as always, sayang wallop the whole plate and says “yummy”

This was the regular soup, which tasted alright. (weird that there is tau foo though…)


OK.. come to some yummy food now.

Went to my regular place (somewhere in PJ la) <– Thank god im not a food blogger, I suck big time

This was the smoothest an yummiest porridge I’ve ever tasted. Comes with bits of crackers on top and bitchin sauce. YUM YUM! 

And it’s to be eaten with duck meat, salted vege and duck intestine. I know, gross right, but its super yummy. Theres a saying that chinese would just eat anything that has it’s back facing the sun. I think its so right…. Ive eaten all sorts of crap, like worms, croacoches, ostrich meet, rabbit, snake, bat, turtle… Im such a garbage bin. No wonder im bloody fat!  

And another quite yummy food was at The Social in Bangsar. This is the carbonara I ordered… so so la..  

Me pigging out…

 Later, I headed to Holiday Villa Subang to chill with the batangs. However, the live band that was playing was…. ALLEYCATS!!!!~~!!!

and boy.. dont they suck! Guess they were getting old and… i dont know.. mellowed..

Songs selection was crappy, performanceship was… crappy too… and.. the “Trima Kashih” which was their trademark… wasnt energenic and all… oh well… gone were the days…

So we ended up chilling in Sanctuary instead… ah.. clubs are still the best choice for a Sat night!!~~!!~~!


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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