Lonely… I’m so lonely…

Had a business trip to KK recently, and discover that I absolutely can’t live alone. ( Have realized this fact long before this, but this trip confirms it all). I know it sounds so sad and pathetic, but I just cant help it. It is just typically me. Ironic eh. Maybe the fact that I grew up as the only child explains a lot? I was always alone when I was young. Once I started dating, I was hooked. Never want to do anything alone anymore. Now, it is so critical that I cant even eat alone. Here’s some proof how critical my situation is.

This is what one would due in absolute boredom! Mind you, I took 30 over pictures! The hotel was facing the sea and had a bitchin view. So what else… cam whore lah! Started in the evening, all the way till late night, and also the next morning before I start work.

Trying to aim for a somewhat artistic shot… but I think I look pretty retarded.


Another spastic shot. Doing the mulut pepek (or was it bebek)?


Last shot before going to bed.

And since sad & pathetic me just cant seem to eat out alone, I ordered room service and pig out on the bed. My sayang just wont allow me to eat in bed at home. So I was pretty glad to be able to do this here. And no worries about ants and stains… cos I dont fark care!!~~!!

and watch some TV too. (Dont you pity me now? Being in a great holiday place like KK with lotsa interesting food, people and culture, I decided to stayed in the hotel instead) I gotta learn to be more independant! I got to! I got to! <– maybe next life… 😛

This is what I had for dinner…

Nasi Goreng with otak otak & satay. High in presentation, low in taste!!

Let’s pray there are no more outstation trips alone!! But this has made me realized many things. I can be all independant at work stuff and other matters, but not when it comes to my personal well  being.

ah… life….


About MayWong

Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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7 Responses to Lonely… I’m so lonely…

  1. Chris says:

    Okloh…I also very lazy to go out when alone…haha

  2. jessbabe says:

    Early morning..lapar la..

    I also want food serve on bed. hungry!

  3. maywong says:

    ask ur khai khai to serve you bfast in bed jess! hehehe….

    at home im ban from eating on the bed.. sigh

  4. jessbabe says:

    i think the pig climb tree also breakfast will never happen!

  5. ::Nicole:: says:

    hey, i also dislike doing things alone.. i hate shopping, eating, watching movie and etc alone.. if i were u, i’d stay in the hotel too! 😛

  6. maywong says:

    haha.. nicole.. finally someone who understands…

    other frens went like.. “whats wrong with going to the movie alone.. or eating alone.. “

  7. Nick says:

    / me singing Bobby Vinton – Mr Lonely
    i’m going oversea to work in china…. wonder i’ll be lonely >:)

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