Why stressball is the ultimate companion….

Why stressball is the ultimate companion….

So weekend went well… rather quiet actually, which is GOOD! Friday was just chilled out at home and watch re-runs of old Jackie Chan movies. Damn kao farnie. Felt that his old movies and way better than the hollywoods ones. Stunts are more real and amusing. And on Saturday I woke up early (no thanks to hubby who had to wake up for golf! Being a light sleeper… sigh). So cant go back to sleep, decided to make Spaghetti Bolognese. (Coming up later). Wanted to chill in Velvet that night, but… was terribly sick, coughing, sweating and cursing non stop. Too much of partying & heavy drinking landed me in this situation. Like my facebook tagline said “May is…. “coughing like an apek!”. So yes people! Too much booze & in sufficient beauty sleep do bring more harm than good. However, shamefully, I got to reveal that, its only Tuesday now and I have my party plans made for Friday & Saturday.

WAT A GWAN!!~~!!~~!!~~!!~!!

oh wait! Weekend wasn’t booze free! DAMN. Slipped my mind that I was drinking with the batangs again, but this time at Zen’s place. But I did it for the sake of my health… seriously…

The 1st thing I did when i arrived at his house was to down 3 big gulps of brandy and like magic, that stupid annoying cough is gone!!~~!!~~!! But no thanks to sake & vodca, annoying cough came back just as I was leaving.. argh.. (the sake was delicious btw… thanks to Nick!) So here I am again, way past weekend so called rest time and the brandy remedy, still with a bad cough.

I think I might be dying soon. (touch wood). ((No more wood? DAMN you paper using/eating/wiping bastards!!~!!~~!!)) <– There! I did my part today, World Earth Day!! 😛

OK. Serious matter now. Back to stressball the ultimate companion. Why do I say that? 😛

Before anything, would like to congratulate the inventor of stressball! I think its brilliant!!~~!!~~~!!

Have been toying with stressballs lately due to some reasons, and I am soooooooo hooked! I squeeze squeeze it at my desk, and extra fast & firm when I’m in discussions, or when I’m on the phone, and especially hard abusing the stressball when.. what else.. under stress or aruguing with somemore. But wait a minute, thats pretty normal right? That is precisely what stressballs are for. So whats the big o deal?

Here goes, no laughing and eww-ing me pls..

Just a while ago I brought the stressball to the toilet with me… and believed it or not.. I actually peed faster. Saved me like 3 seconds of my life. Have a theory that i reakon is pretty much logic. The faster and harder I squeeze my stressball, the more relax I feel, hence (cheh, hence) pee flows out easier and… faster. Hmmm…. Kids, DO try this at home! 😛

*sorry to those who played with my stressball and read this….. opsie

See my chubby fingers at work

See my chubby fingers at work…. 🙂

So, I’m going to get back to my stressball. Muacks!





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Am said to be a nerd bimbo trapped in a mind of a 12 yr old boy by the one I love. Blubbly-icious!~!~!!~!~!!
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